Why am I showing you this boring beer?

Chris' beer

Because it’s not boring at all! Chris made it. He made it. And I got to taste it this past weekend for the first time. I’ll let him tell you about the process he and his friends went through for the first beer they made and the second one. But I’ll tell you that when he handed me the second beer they made (a wheat beer; more my style than the first one – an IPA), I absolutely loved it. I told him I would seek this out to buy if it was for sale somewhere – seriously. It had a strong banana flavor and he said there was also kiwi in there. It was freakin’ good. I hope they keep making beer, especially fruity beer. 🙂

But even the yummy beer wasn’t the best part of my weekend. It was the 15 miles we ran … (I’ll tell you later.)