Skeletons in my closet

I’ve done plenty of writing about how I’ve helped Chris decorate his place, but I haven’t written much about my own house. That’s mostly because the decorating was mostly done before I started this blog, but it is certainly not anywhere close to done yet!

So, without further adieu, here is an inside look at my house. What I’ve done, what needs to be done, what I need your advice on, etc …

Today I’ll talk about my closet, since you saw a post recently about my shoe collection. I absolutely love organizing, and the closet is one of the most fun places to do so!

The closet came with two wire shelves, one on each side. Jeff ripped them out, and we painted the walls a neutral oatmeal color. Then he installed cabinets and drawers and shelves, etc. …


Here is a look at “my side” of the closet, which is currently holding 100% of my clothes (I’ll explain why later.)

My clothes

On the bottom rack you see all my shirts in the foreground, pants on the top rack. (An aside: Why is it we put shirts on the bottom and pants on the top? Shouldn’t it be reversed?) In the center are some shelves and drawers, and then beside them are the dresses. Below the dresses on the floor is a stool so I can reach the top shelves. At the back you see my shoe rack. Pretty self-explanatory.


doorway of closet

Above is the view from the shoe shelves, of the front of the closet. Some shelves behind the door, holding knick-knacks and another one on top of the door. This is where I keep duffel bags and beach bags, etc.


Jeff's side

Above is Jeff’s side of the closet. He has pants on the top row, shirts on the bottom row. The shelves are for T-shirts and jeans and sweatshirts, and the drawers are for ties and underwear and undershirts.



Back to my side of the closet. I chose to have doors on the front of my shelves; I think it gives the closet a cleaner look. Sometimes the doors are a little finicky, which Jeff warned me would happen, but I’m still glad I chose them. The box at the top is something I picked up while helping Chris with his closet. I keep all my T-shirts in there. I rarely wear T-shirts, so they don’t need to be hugely accessible to me, but I do like to keep some of my favorites: My old sorority tees, race shirts, and the Pike’s Place Starbucks shirt Elwood sent me for my birthday, to name a few.


inside of cabinet

The inside of my cabinet holds shelves. Workout shirts on the bottom shelf, organized by: tank tops (or singlets, as runners call them, but this runner thinks that sounds lame) on left, sleeveless shirts in center, shirts with sleeves on right. On bright days I want to make sure not to wear sleeveless so I don’t get my shoulders sunburned (yes, I also wear sunscreen.) Second shelf from bottom holds workout bottoms: shorts and skirts on left, pants on right. Above that are tank tops for other uses (either sleeping or camis), and lounging or sleep pants. Top shelf is for sweaters.


drawers organized

I’m trying not to bore you, so I won’t photograph each drawer. But above is an example of my drawers. I bought drawer organizers (2 sets in this drawer) to help keep everything in its place. Socks, then underwear, then bras. The drawer below that holds bathing suits and nightgowns, and the drawer above it holds knick-knacks. The top drawer holds necklaces.


The reason 100% of my clothes have to fit in my closet? Because I have no dresser. More on that in a later post …