I’m in a workout slump today

I am to run 5 miles. And I just don’t want to. And I have no idea why.

It’s about to rain. I should go now, before it gets bad. But I don’t want to.

Kevin said he’s in a little bit of a slump too; is it the weather? Or the length of time in our marathon training? Or just a lazy day?

After having a hard 16-mile run, a great half-marathon, and then a hard 18-mile run, I am having mixed feelings. Part of me feels like, I’m almost there! I’ve done 18 miles out of 26.2! And then part of me knows there is a lot more hard work to do.  The longer the runs get the more time they take. I’m almost there. I have a long way to go.

Somebody send me some motivation!