When reality meets reality TV

First, the semantics:

Colleen’s boss and good friend is Kelly. Kelly is Kendra’s mom.

And Kendra is a star of the brand-new season of  “The Bad Girls Club” on Oxygen.



As you’ve probably guessed by the 3 degrees of separation, I’m not super-good friends with Kendra. But I have met her a couple of times at various parties and concerts and such, and she is very fun.

And when Colleen first told me that she was going to be on reality TV, my reaction was along the lines of “Oh, that’s nice.” Because everyone gets their 15 minutes, right?

But I was invited to attend the premiere party for the first episode of the season, and so I went.

I’ve never been to a premiere party for a TV show before, and I learned this:

We weren’t really there to watch the episode. We tried, of course – but the problem was, the TV volume was low and the ambient noise volume was high.

And Kendra was there – and she was absolutely, positively glowing. This was her night. I swear she gets more beautiful every time I see her.

And from what I could gather about the parts of the episode I was able to hear, she is the most level headed and smart and beautiful girl on the TV show. When I got home I DVR’d it instantly and confirmed my thoughts last night when I got to re-watch the episode (and actually hear it this time.)

So, I’d like to revise my initial “Oh, that’s nice,” to a more enthusiastic, “That’s freakin’ awesome, Kendra!”

Because I have a feeling this is just the beginning for her.



Bad Girls Club comes on Oxygen at 10/9C on Tuesday nights. I’ll be watching!