It’s all about the art

So that you don’t get super bored by me talking about the upcoming marathon, I’ll talk about something else today. More home decorating! I already showed you my closet. What’s next?

Today I’ll show you the hallways. Sounds boring, but that’s where some of the art is. Let me start by saying 99% of the art in the house is custom. First, there’s the upstairs hallway, which has photographs taken by Jeff and myself:

Upstairs hallway

Hey look, you get to see the laundry room, too, exciting thing that it is (it is upstairs with the bedrooms, which is very convenient, and I wish it were an actual room, where you could walk inside and everything, but that’s okay.)

The photos are taken pretty much anywhere and everywhere. The one on the bottom in the foreground shows the wedding aisle of my childhood friend, Michelle. We had the picture blown up and put on canvas with brushstrokes for their wedding gift. Above that photo is a photo of graffiti in Rome, with a sign stating in Italian and English: “Do not write on the walls.”

Others were taken in Vegas and New York City, among other places.

The walls are painted an “oatmeal” color, neutral brownish/yellow.

Next is the hallway where the stairs are, and Hey, look! More photographs, taken by yours truly and Jeff:

Down the stairs

In the foreground is a photo of a candle holder given by my parents that was hanging near a shed at our old house. It was covered in ice.

Next I’ll show you the foyer, which I guess isn’t technically a hallway but it kind of feels like it, seeing as how the stairs are right next to it:


These pieces of art were purchased at the Arts Council of York County sale they had in which they were trying to get younger buyers to come out. They had the first hour of the sale be only for buyers age 25-40, and all of the pieces were $75. The poster in the background shows corks, which I would love to have hanging above the bar, but that spot is reserved for something special … which I will show in another blog post.

Okay, if you are getting bored looking at walls I’ll tell you this is the last photo!

Foyer 2

Only one piece of art here – we bought it from an artist in the Piazza Navona in Rome, and we ate at the restaurant featured in the painting. I was so nervous on the plane ride home that it would get squished or otherwise ruined, but it made it back safely!

We painted the walls in the foyer, dining room, kitchen, breakfast room and staircase all the same color – a neutral gray/brown that I always think looks greenish …

I feel like the foyer is lacking in the way of furniture, though. I’d like to have a small bench that people could sit on to take off their shoes, with a small amount of shoe storage underneath. But I wonder if people would trip on it trying to go upstairs. What are your thoughts? The photos might not give a good enough representation of that area in front of the stairs for you to give an opinion, now that I think about it …

More of my house later! For now, I’m going to run to get ready for the marathon!