In the ‘things could be worse’ category – she might have to give up her dog.

How do you help someone when all they need is money and you don’t have it to give?

I know the economy is horrible. I know people are losing their jobs, or getting wages cut, or not getting enough work to pay the bills.

I know it’s been bad. And the holidays are a bad time for it to be bad.

But this week I heard something that really tugged at my heart  – a friend is considering sending her dog to another home, simply because she can’t afford to keep her.

This is her baby. She had two dogs, one of which died a few months ago after an illness, and that was so heartbreaking for her.

And now, with one dog left, and this girl lives alone and her dog is her companion. So when I saw her post this on facebook: “Thinking that I should probably let {the dog} go to another home, but not thinking I can actually let her go,” … that just breaks my heart.

The dog is 4, she has skin allergies which have led to other issues, which leads to high vet bills. I know what happens to most dogs with issues that aren’t puppies when the people that love them have to give them up.

I don’t have the money to help her. No one has any money right now. So what do I do? What can I do?

I couldn’t imagine having to give up my dogs. I just couldn’t.

I feel like this post doesn’t have much of a point other than for me to vent – I’m just so sad for her. And I hate to think there are others that have it worse. It’s a bad reminder that sometimes it goes beyond “money is tight” … and that’s no good.