Calorie burn challenge week 3

So I thought I’d log my weekly calories during the 6-week calorie burn challenge TrySports is hosting, that I first mentioned here. Week 1 results are here, and Week 2 is here (Crystal, waiting for you to update!) If you haven’t already, come out and do the challenge with us – all you need is a heart rate monitor and the ability to do a group run or walk at TrySports at least once a week (they do them Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:15.)

As you see, it was slow going this week but I am following a recovery program – trying not to get hurt after running the marathon! (For the record, I was supposed to run 6-8 miles today, but I went Christmas shopping and it was hurting my ankle after walking around for 4 hours, so I decided a run wouldn’t be so smart.)

Week 3

Thursday: Running – 2.32 miles – 28 minutes – 259 calories

Saturday: Running – 3.15 miles – 35 minutes – 346 calories


Total for week: 5.47 – 1 hour 3 minutes – 605 calories

Total for challenge: 7745 calories (out of 10,000 for challenge)







2 responses to “Calorie burn challenge week 3”

  1. Wayne Avatar

    Excellent work. That’s a superb effort. I’ve always maintained that physical exercise is a great measure of character. You’re proof of that. 🙂

  2. Crystal Avatar

    I rested with the Marathoners, didn’t want to make them look bad hahahaha seriously just kidding. I was just lazy.

    Week 3
    Tues: 0 calories
    Wed: 546 Calories – 2 mile run on treadmill & workout
    Thurs: 215 calories – 20 min on elliptical & workout
    Fri: 0 calories
    Sat: 0 calories
    Sun: 0 calories
    Mon: 494 calories- 2 mile run on treadmill & workout

    Total calories this week: 1,255
    Total calories for contest: 6,424 calories (out of 10,000 for contest)