Calorie burn challenge week 4

So I thought I’d log my weekly calories during the 6-week calorie burn challenge TrySports is hosting, that I first mentioned here. Week 1 results are here, and Week 2 is here, and Week 3 here. If you haven’t already, come out and do the challenge with us – all you need is a heart rate monitor and the ability to do a group run or walk at TrySports at least once a week (they do them Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:15.)

Still slow going. I am dying to get back out there! Patience, patience. My ankle was killing me after my run on Sunday – going to take it easy. Going to hike Mount Mitchell very soon and the last thing I want to do is ruin that opportunity!

Week 3

Wednesday: Cycling – 14 miles – 1 hour 12 minutes – 702 calories

Saturday: Running – 6.17 miles – 1 hour – 716 calories
                     Walking – .60 miles – 11 minutes 27 seconds – 49 calories

Total for week: 21 miles – 2 hours 23 minutes – 1467 calories

Total for challenge: 9212 calories (out of 10,000 for challenge)







2 responses to “Calorie burn challenge week 4”

  1. Crystal Avatar

    Week 4
    Tues: 633 Calories – 3 mile run on treadmill plus push up / sit up workout
    Wed: 620 Calories – 3 mile run on treadmill plus push sup / sit up workout
    Thurs – Sun – 0 Calories burned, lots eaten
    Mon: 542 Calories – 3 mile run on treadmill plus a short stretch and push ups / sit ups

    Total Calories for week 4: 1,795
    Total Calories for contest: 8,219 out of 10,000

  2. joe peacock Avatar
    joe peacock

    I had the exact same problem. The day before Thanksgiving, my wife told me I looked like “A 32 year old man trying to look like a suburban hip-hop wannabe thug” because the butt of my jeans were near my hamstrings. She forced me out the day after Thanksgiving to go buy clothes that actually fit.

    It’s been a little more than a month, and I’ve already lost another pants size. I’m looking very forward to seeing what it looks like when I create my own event horizon.