Coming soon: A little ladybug

She wants to approve all baby bump photos before they get uploaded to Facebook, so I’m going to be careful about the ones I use here since she hasn’t told me which ones she likes yet. 

But I’m so excited about the first photos I’ve been able to take of my unborn niece, that I can’t just be quiet about it! 

Here she is: 


Katie and Gray are expecting their first baby girl at the end of June, and I cannot wait. This baby is going to have such awesome parents – Katie is so sweet and fun. I love working out with her and hanging out with her. And I can talk to her about anything from what to eat for lunch to family drama. I always think there’s a bond between two people who share the same role within a family, and as we are the two sister-in-laws, in many ways I feel this awesome connection to her. 

And Gray is one of the kindest people I know. He’s always the one to step into the middle of a conflict in order to solve it (well, he is a Marine, so it fits!). He actually reminds me of my own brother, Kevin, in many ways. One of my first memories of Gray is when Colleen and I got into a fight over a game of Asshole (yes, for real), and we stormed off to our respective twin beds at the lake house where we were celebrating Fourth of July. Gray came to each of us in turn, picked us up and placed us on the couch, where he forced us to make up. So I figure, Colleen and I have given him some good practice which he can put to use as a parent. 

There was a baby shower last weekend in which yours truly designed the invitations: 

I went light on the pink, since Katie doesn't love pink …


and took the pictures (with the exceptions of the ones I’m in; those Jeff took): 






I can’t wait to meet the little one!



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