Are you clever? Please help!

I haven’t signed up for a triathlon yet, but I have agreed to be the running leg of a triathlon relay race! Sally is going to swim and Kevin is going to bike. We’re going to do the Ballantyne Triathlon in July, and I’m excited because the bike leg practically goes right past my house. We need a team name though. Can you help?

The background, in case it helps you help me think of a team name:

=  Sally  just moved to Rock Hill from California. She was a swim coach for 8 years. This will be her first triathlon and Kevin and I wrestled her into it. She’s an awesome swimmer though!

= Kevin is my brother, I write about him all the time if there’s anything you need to know. He lives in Fort Mill. He does triathlons all the time – just started about a year ago.

= And me. This is the first tri I’ve “officially” agreed to although I’ve still got my eye on one a few weeks prior in Fort Mill.

We don’t expect to be super-fast but we do expect it to be super-fun. And who knows, maybe we’ll do more of them as a team if we enjoy it enough! So the team name needs to be awesome and lasting.

Help, please!



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20 responses to “Are you clever? Please help!”

  1. Chris Avatar

    I was going to suggest “We’ve got three legs…” but there are two girls. Oh well, maybe that’ll generate some ideas. You know me, I’m too literall for this stuff, but I’ll keep thinking anyway 🙂

  2. Kevin Avatar

    Nice Chris! Maybe we should do one with three guys and that would be a great name!

    Does this mean I can get us registered today?

    How about “The swift the fast and the furious, Melissa being the the furious”? 😉

  3. Chris Avatar

    “Three legs are better than two” is kinda gender neutral. I mean, from a guys perspective, well hell yeah. From a girls perspective, well why not 😉

  4. Melissa Avatar

    What about something to the effect of, “Wait, I thought this was the way to the bar!” or “What’s a triathlon, anyway?” or “Race Crashers” or something that implies we didn’t intend to be there at all …

    If I’m “the furious” I’ll have to run with an angry look on my face the whole time!

  5. Melissa Avatar

    Oh, and 3 legs is hilarious. quite clever indeed!

  6. Bobby Avatar

    I posted this on your FB page but in case you don’t see it, what do you think of “Tri-Curious” 😀

  7. Kevin Avatar

    Or we could go with your blog post title and my favorite sticker on my car “How about a threesome?”

  8. Jeffrey Avatar

    Tri-Curious is freakin’ great. As for Chris, you need to stop fixating on penises so much. It is not healthy.

    Here is an idea: Bro and Hoes.

    Not that I am implying anything here, I just like the rhyme.

  9. Bobby Avatar

    I’m glad I have your support Jeff, though I dunno about “Bro and Hoes”, I really think you need more than one Bro to fully take advantage of the rhyming scheme.

    If you guys don’t decide to use my name I think I’ll have to come up with a team myself just so it doesn’t go to waste 🙂

    Also, Jeff, are you planning on coming to Athens one of these days? I’ve heard a lot about you and would like to put a face to the name.

  10. Melissa Avatar

    @Bobby he does come sometimes! It was just before we “officially” met you “the second time”, ha! For everyone else, that means Chris and I hung out with Bobby one night and we had just enough to drink that the second time we met him it took a while for all of us to place why we looked so familiar to each other …

    Sally emailed me she really likes tri-curious … I’m liking all of the suggestions!

  11. Kevin Avatar

    I like tri-curious too!

  12. urbanvox Avatar

    heeeyyyy… I was going to say race crashers!!! 🙁
    .-= urbanvox´s last blog ..The Long way to the Finals!!! =-.

  13. Bobby Avatar

    Melissa do you word things the way you do to intentionally make me think inappropriate comments / say “That’s what she said” to myself, or does it just magically happen on it’s own… moving past your first sentence…

    Well you should bring him down whenever you come back (soonish?). Just so you know I’m working my way back into shape for joining you, chris & friends on “long runs”.

    P.S. Vote For Pedro. And Tri-Curious. Mostly Tri-Curious.

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    1. Sasuke Avatar

      We are hoping to go strewbarry picking in the next couple of weeks. Looks like you all had a great time. I wish I knew how to can. My Nana used to can peaches, pears, green beans, and tomatoes. It was such a treat to eat.

  15. Elwood Avatar

    If Bobby hadn’t have suggested “Tri-Curious” I certainly would have. Use that one!
    .-= Elwood´s last blog ..Cinematic Blues: April 20, 2010 =-.

  16. Graham Avatar

    Two Girls, a Guy and a Decent Race
    .-= Graham´s last blog ..We’re great. Hope you’re not dead. =-.

  17. Wes Avatar

    I gotta vote Tri-Curious. That’s just hilarious.
    .-= Wes´s last blog ..Talking shop =-.

  18. Graham Avatar

    I vote for mine because I have low self-esteem. And low esteem for others. Does that mean I have low esteem?
    .-= Graham´s last blog ..Robot Johnson submits its script for The Golden Child 2 =-.

  19. Melissa Avatar

    Okay, so we came up with a name …

    Lemme first say we all LOVED tri-curious. But a quick google search found others apparently also loved it :(. So as much as we wanted to use it we wanted to make sure to have a name no one’s thought of …

    so we played off all of your dirty minds and Jeff came up with:

    “So THAT’S what you meant by tri!”

    I hope you like it. And thank you sooooo much for the help! Now I’ll be looking into whether we can get this custom printed on a tri top for a reasonable price. You all rock!