I’m famous!

The Charlotte Running Club featured me as their spotlight runner this week. How cool is that? I recently joined the club, based on my friend Scott’s recommendation, and I look forward to checking out their group runs, etc., at some point. Although I haven’t had the chance to run with the Charlotte Running Club yet, their newsletters and posts remind me of the importance of support from others. We are a community, us runners, and, I’ll speak for myself only when I say – I could never do it alone.

In the beginning of my running career, when I would show up for 5Ks or 10Ks, I would only know the friend or two who came along with me. Now, when I show up at a race, it’s a social event. At the Ballantyne Triathlon, my neighbor Melissa (who was doing her first tri) wanted to know how my brother Kevin and I knew so many people there. “I know him from this run, her from the group runs here, him from these runs, and him from drinking.” (Hmm, which ones of these doesn’t belong, Vince?)

If you are even thinking about running and you aren’t doing it yet, reach out to another runner you know. It’ll make all the difference in the world. And, I hate to be a comment-seeker, but it would be super cool if you’d go to CRC’s blog post here and comment on the post. They showed me support, so I’d love to show them some back!