Female body parts, holidays in the mountain, and why these two are related

I kinda can’t believe I’m sharing this, but why not …

So, I was at the doctor yesterday. The “down-there” doctor. Hence why I almost didn’t write this, but I guess it’s pretty common knowledge that females go to these people!

I should mention he’s my new doctor. My last doctor moved away and he was her replacement. So yesterday was the first time I met him. And he is very nice, but also very timid. The take-care bedside manner seems to be hidden a little beneath some shyness.

Which makes this exchange even funnier.

As we all know, (I’m sure guys know this too), when the doctor is doing something uncomfortable he/she tries to calm the patient by making small talk. The small talk yesterday was to ask me about my holiday plans. I explained that I was going to be spending Christmas at my in-laws’ mountain house. “Oh yeah?” he perked up. “Where is the mountain house?”

“Near Brevard,” I answered, and he proceeded to tell me that someone he knows has a house there (can’t remember who; it was a little difficult to pay attention to the conversation, to be honest.) We made small talk about where exactly the two houses were located, how nice downtown Brevard is, etc.

In the middle of that conversation, he said, “So, everything looks really normal. You have normal ovaries, normal uterus, everything looks normal.”

And then he said, “It’s really beautiful down there.”

I can’t remember if my head actually shot off the table, but I’m sure my eyes grew wide at the very least. There may have been a small awkward pause (there was at least one in my head!) and then he said, “I always enjoy visiting Brevard around this time of year.”

So, “it’s really beautiful down there” was referring to the city of Brevard.

Got it.






6 responses to “Female body parts, holidays in the mountain, and why these two are related”

  1. Amy Avatar

    Oh my gosh, I just about cracked up laughing while reading this on a conference call.

  2. Crystal Avatar

    I did laugh out loud at work, luckily no one was in front of me hahahaha! Great story!

  3. Graham Avatar

    Typical woman. A stranger compliments her genitals and she gets all offended.

  4. Alisa Avatar

    I seriously just laughed out loud! I wonder if he even realized what he said?!?

  5. Christina Avatar

    This made me laugh out loud at work – great story!

  6. Crystal Avatar

    FYI i told this story at my husband’s company Christmas party hahahah I was anonymous with the characters to conceal the identity, even though you’re on the internet for the whole world to know haha.