The time Anil was mistaken for a lesbian

So, I met Anil and Megan at a pool party. But I met lots of people at that pool party. My friend Kyle was the person that invited me to the pool party and he met all the same people I did. I was the only one that kept in touch with them, however.

So, when I arrived in town to help Anil decorate his condo, I texted Kyle to let him know I was in town. I told him that Jeff and Anil and I were going to Vegas, and he responded as if he knew who I was talking about – and he was super busy with work but wanted to get together. I got super busy myself with the decorating, so I wasn’t able to connect with him for several days.

Anil and I had hopes that we’d be done decorating by the weekend (ha, that didn’t happen) so I texted Kyle mid-week to ask him if he’d be interested in meeting up over the weekend if we were able to find the time. I mentioned that Anil suggested we reunion at the same location of the pool party.

Kyle’s response surprised me: “Who’s Anil?”

So I reminded him. “You remember Anil and Megan … I’m sure you remember Megan! You were her babysitter!”

(Back story: Megan got into an argument with her boyfriend and she was really upset and she’d had a little too much to drink so Kyle had walked her back to her room.)

Kyle: “Ah, the gals poolside?”

Ok, so I read that as “gal” not “gals“. If I’d read it correctly, that may have cleared up confusion right away. I’m fairly certain Anil is no gal! So I confirmed, as we’d met Megan poolside, so yes, that was true.

He said “Right on! If I remember, they were together. Still the case?”

Now, that did confuse me a little. Remember, Megan was fighting with her boyfriend, who was someone other than Anil. But, Kyle’s memory has always been shit, so I didn’t think about it too much, and I just corrected him they are just friends.

He then wanted to know if Jeff and I were staying with them and if so do we want to come to his house for a hot tub / barbecue over the weekend. I told him I simply wasn’t sure since we were busy decorating – we’d have to play it by ear.

So, the next day, I re-read the text messages and caught the “gals.” And I started thinking about the lesbian couple we’d met that day. While Courtney and I were at the baby got back contest, Kyle “babysat” for her girlfriend, who was passed out with her Blackberry on her shoulder. Ahh, I’d forgotten he’d babysat two women …

And then it occurred to me that if he thought Megan was Courtney’s girlfriend, he must’ve thought Anil was Courtney. And if the two “girls” were now just friends and one of them was suggesting we all meet up, and if Jeff and I were bringing her along, that he maybe just maybeKyle thought this was a setup between Anil and himself.

So, my guess is he was interested – and that’s why he invited us to a hot tub party. And once I realized this I could not stop laughing. I called Kyle to correct the story, got his voice mail, and just made sure to refer to Anil as a “him” – just in case I was right.

Anil was sure to point out that he is in fact a lesbian, but no, he is not interested in a date with Kyle.



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