It’s the simple things.

A very wise friend told me this past weekend that he wants “More Melissa” in the world. I haven’t been blogging much lately, and a lot of it is due to the fact that I basically missed the entire months of March and April due to that fainting spell. May and June (so far) have been me in a mad rush to play catchup to all the stuff I didn’t do in March and April. So I promise you, it’s not that I don’t want to share – it’s that I’m slowly but surely knocking down a couple of months of to-do lists. That said, I surely can take a little time for you!

So, expect more posts from me. But be patient for just a little while longer – they may be shorter than usual. Just know that I’m constantly thinking of things I want to share with you – it’s just a little bit harder these days to get them all written down!

Also, for the record, this friend (ok, it was Joe) inspired me to order a print copy of my second novel. What this means is that I’m finally going to work on getting it to a place in which I am happy with it – enough to share with you. So thanks Joe.

But, until then, today I’ll bring you a couple of recent photos of two of my favorite people. And they just happen to share the same name. And one thing they have in common is neither of them read this blog.

Shown above is my 94-year-old grandmother, Mia. I took her to the mall a couple of weeks ago and when we saw a butler statue outside Belk advertising Dilworth Coffee, we decided Mia just had to go pose with him. I erased his chalkboard and wrote a message to Mia and put it on a greeting card for her yesterday. She doesn’t touch computers, so she’ll see this in a few days when she checks her mail. When I told friends I took her to the mall, they were happily surprised to hear a 94-year-old could even still enjoy going to the mall. Absolutely she does! She gets tired more easily than she used to, but interestingly enough, I did too that day – was still getting back on my feet from the fainting incident, and walking around a mall all day when you’re not used to it sure can be tiring.

After our visit, we returned to her house where she proceeded to crash out in her recliner and I crashed out next to her on her couch. My dad came out to grab coffee at one point and said we were both just wiped out. It was such a fun day overall though!

The second Mia I bring you is exactly 90 years younger than the first Mia. Here’s a picture of us that Glenda took on Memorial Day weekend:

As the picture was being snapped, Scott pointed out that we both have “the head tilt” in photos – I do it all the time. It wasn’t till I saw this photo that I realized Mia was doing it too. You may not be able to tell, but we are wearing the exact same style of dress, with complimentary colors.

Amazingly, at 4 years old, Mia seems so adult to me sometimes. She’s so insightful and smart. And she wants a belly button ring and a nose ring like me when she grows up. I couldn’t be a prouder aunt! I have sticker earrings that I bought for Mia and Sadie and Chloe to play with when they come over, and Mia and Sadie both stick them on their nose when they’re here. Sorry, Kevin and Jenn!

Speaking of Scott, while we were all hanging out at Great Mia’s house for Memorial Day, he posted this to Facebook:

“I  just saw two ladies separated by 90 years walk down to the lake and back to pick flowers. Simple things.”

My thoughts exactly, Scott.






2 responses to “It’s the simple things.”

  1. Crystal Avatar

    I love these pictures and Scott’s quote. How precious and true. I was so happy to see your new blog. I’ve been missing you! As you can tell I’ve been checking everyday because I think I’m commenting seconds after you posted this one hahaha. Glad you’re getting back to normal!

  2. Joe Peacock Avatar
    Joe Peacock

    Outing me as a source of inspiration? The rest of the world is going to think you’re crazy, lady.