No more dresses, please!

So, if you’ve been keeping up with this post, you know there’s been some drama in the department of getting rid of old wedding items.

I wanted to give an update to let you all know where things stand with Sonya Fogle and It’s a Bridal Thing. After writing the blog post, complaining to the Better Business Bureau, and emailing Action 9, I heard from Sonya via voice mail from a blocked number. She said she’d been out of town for a month and she asked me to email her (to a different email address) my address so she could ship my items back to me. I emailed her and told her I no longer wanted the items and asked instead for the money, paid via paypal. As I’d seen information about renting of items to brides the day of, and I’d never given my consent to do so, and she’d had the items for two years, I no longer wanted them in my possession.

She emailed back and agreed to send a check. I spent the next few days hoping I’d get a check for the amount I’d asked for ($290) and that it would clear. She finally sent me confirmation that she had mailed it, and I watched the UPS tracking to my work address (didn’t really feel comfortable giving my home address at this point.) I noticed something a bit odd: UPS was claiming the package was 6 pounds. A 6-pound check is a rather large check … something was off. I crossed my fingers that perhaps UPS had gotten it wrong. Ha.

Sure enough, the package arrived Friday evening. Inside was a check (of normal weight), for $55, and the wedding dress. Rolled up into a ball and stuffed into a box. Sigh.

The details of the check noted that I was being paid $110 for the cost of the veil and tiara I was selling, minus her commission fee, given the measly $55. I guess I was naive to think she would waive her fee, given that she’s put me through two years of frustration. I have no idea why she chose to send me the dress back although I clearly stated that I did not want it.

So, now I have a dress to get rid of that’s worth two years less than it was worth when I first tried to sell it, and has potentially been worn by who knows how many brides at this point, plus a check for $55 that I’m hoping will clear (I did take Shawn’s advice and cashed it at BB&T, where it was issued, so as to avoid potential fees should it not clear.) I am disappointed.

The only silver lining I can think of is I guess I should feel lucky to get anything at all. If you read the last post I wrote and the comments, you see that other brides have been duped as well. Some for way more amounts than I was dealing with. I did hear from another seller via email that Sonya called her to apologize and plans to return her items and/or pay her. I truly hope that happens.

I updated the Better Business Bureau complaint that she did send me something, but the complaint still stands, as $55 is not quite the $290 I asked for. In my opinion, the dress is worth $0 at this point.


9 responses to “No more dresses, please!”

  1. Shawn Avatar

    Donate the dress and write the $290 off on your taxes 😉

  2. Crystal Avatar

    Is the dress still in good condition? If so, not sure you remember Elyse Hardin. Her daughter was killed in a car wreck Dec. 2009. She was 15 years old. She holds a dress benefit every year with very inexpensive prom and wedding dress for girls who can’t normally afford nice dresses. Also, anyone who wants to shop it can and all of the proceeds go towards scholarships and money to fund youth activities. It’s called Dress for Elyse, and I have both donated and purchased dress. If you would like to consider that, you can drop the dress of with me and I will get the dress to her. I have another to take. I bought it from Dress for Elyse last year for $25 for Ace & TJ 2nd Chance Prom and now I’m donating it back. And like Shawn said, tax write-off!!!

  3. Crystal Avatar

    correction!!!!! Elyse Hardin was the 15 year old killed in the wreck in 2009. I work with her mom.

  4. Anil K Avatar
    Anil K

    Donating it would probably be nice but doing a mud run in it would be fun. You know me…fun always wins over nice!

  5. crystal Avatar

    mmmm a nice trash the dress photo session 🙂

  6. Stephanie Avatar

    I received my flower girl dress, two tiaras, and a check for $18.00 for my donated jewelry today. Still no word on the wedding gown – but here’s hoping. I am surprised these items were returned to me at all – it has been 13 months since I dropped them off in the first place. The flower girl dress still had its original tags on it, but had been folded up into a box that wasn’t even 10″ long. Has to be steamed, but is still in good condition. The tiaras were tarnished (probably from sitting out in the air) and the larger one (intended for me) was bent as if it had been worn. In any case, I got these items today. The check was drawn on Bank of America, and I have not cashed it yet. I hope to hear something about my gown soon. I received the tracking number today – the items were shipped yesterday, and I got them around 4:15 this afternoon.

  7. Stephanie Avatar


    Sorry so slow on the update – I have been swamped at work. I got all my items that didn’t sell mailed back to me, and I also got a check for my wedding gown $271.00 (gown was priced at $579 by Sonya and was sold for $400 something). So, my file with “It’s a Bridal Thing” is now closed out, and I am done with the business. I am sorry that it came to the point of rattling cages, but I am proud that our rattling seemed to provide results for us, even if it was an uncomfortable and undesirable process. In any case, we stuck up for our rights and got some reply. I am surprised I even got money or items returned to me. I’m sorry that we both went though this, but I’m glad that we were somewhat victorious. The lesson I’ve learned is that I will NEVER, EVER consign anything again. Period. I enjoyed corresponding with you and will continue to enjoy your blog.

  8. Melissa Avatar

    Stephanie, thanks for the response and I’m glad to hear you got at least something. I completely agree with you and will not try consigment ever again, either. It’s simply not worth the headache! Crystal, I will let you know about your offer. That may work out perfectly. I love Anil’s idea, but it’s not my old dress (the bridal gown was a friend’s ex-wife’s), and I don’t think it’s my size, unfortunately!

  9. Amanda Avatar

    Please contact me. i am trying to file a law suit. she still has my dress.