The Great Coffee Disaster of 2011


This post is a little bit different, and I want to get your opinion on it.

A couple of days ago, I stumbled across a web site that will pay you via paypal to write reviews. Initially I wasn’t very interested, but then I realized that I could review pretty much any product. So instead of being asked to review something in which I have no knowledge or interest in, I can review … well, anything! So I decided to try it out.

As you know if you follow my posts on Facebook or Twitter, I recently experienced the Great Coffee Disaster of 2011. Meaning, my coffeepot, which I love, decided to stop working. It was a frantic few days of shopping, researching, and more shopping before I decided that the best thing out there (for my budget) was the Breville YouBrew coffeepot. I started writing a blog post about my adventure, but it was pretty busy over the holidays, so I never finished it.

So, I decided to review it on the site. I wrote it the same way I would have if I was writing it for you guys. I didn’t want a boring “This is a good coffeepot. Buy it because I said so” review. So, I tried it in story-telling mode.

And, as flattery will get you anywhere with me, when they picked my review for an Editor’s Choice, I was even more interested in how this works.

So, this is where you come in. I’m going to send you the link to the review and ask you what you think. If you have time, I’m going to ask you if you’ll leave a comment on the site (I think you can do it while being logged in with Facebook.) And then I’ll ask you this: Is it annoying to ask you to go to another site to read something that I would have typically written on here? Or is it something that interests you, in a way that you might like to sign up yourself and get paid to either write reviews or comment on them? If you find it interesting, I’ll let you know when I post more reviews. If you find it annoying, I’ll either keep it separate from the blog or perhaps place it as a sidebar – separate from the daily posts. If you’ve had experience with any sites similar to this, let me know – I’m curious if you liked them or didn’t like them, etc.

So, here’s the link. I can’t wait to hear what you think.






4 responses to “The Great Coffee Disaster of 2011”

  1. Crystal Avatar

    If you don’t mind me asking,how much we talking? I would love to write reviews on things I know about. you can email me if you don’t want to post it on here. This is interesting and I wouldn’t mind at all reading your reviews and commenting on them.

    1. Melissa Avatar

      Crystal, it seems to be a point system based on a) writing reviews, b) getting traffic to them, comments, etc. That will be the interesting thing to see – time will tell how much money it adds up to being. My thought is that if it’s something I was going to write anyway (ie, I was planning to tell you guys about the coffeepot experience anyway!) then perhaps it’s worth it …

      Check out the web site and register:

      Then post a comment, write a review, play around on there … tell me what you think! Tell me once you’re on there too – I think we get points for being friends as well …

  2. Elwood Avatar

    That sounds like a cool machine, and I know I have a fair number of things that I don’t mind paying top dollar for, but $300-350 for a coffee maker? Really?

    No thanks.

    1. Melissa Avatar

      Awe Elwood! Love to see you on here. Miss you so! I justified the price easily because it was on sale for $280 I think, plus I had about $60 in store credit, so it only cost about double the high-end Cuisinart, which I wasn’t interested in anyway. All the other ones were either similar in price to the Breville or were a higher price point (don’t even get me started on the $3,000 coffee pot I *actually* wanted!) Come over sometime – I’ll make you a cup of coffee. You bring the Starbucks – I’ve got the kick-ass mug that *someone* gave me for my birthday a couple of years ago …