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  • Kids and dogs

    I saw this photo on this blog that I read occasionally: And it reminded me of this photo of Cai and Sadie (nephew and niece) that I took with my phone (so apologies for quality) last week when they were visiting: It’s life’s little moments, that’s for sure.

  • Great photos, fun design, sweet baby

    Ingredients for the perfect birth announcements: An adorable baby, modern, hip parents, and a great photographer. Check out the announcements I designed for my new nephew – the blanket he is sleeping on is his dad’s baby blanket – how cute is that?

  • A rock-star weekend

    So, pretty standard weekend for me … (uh, not in the least). I won’t go into all the details since I did so on Twitter in great detail as they were happening (sorry for anyone who did not want to know every second of my nephew’s birth) but my sister had her baby on Friday…