Weird paintings and exgirlfriends

Do you like this painting?

Alexander Calder
Alexander Calder lithograph

This is an Alexander Calder lithograph that used to belong to Jeff’s stepfather.

It was given to Gray (Jeff’s stepfather) by a former girlfriend – and Jeff’s mom always hated it. They “pawned” it off on him, which made him happy – he loves it! In fact, I love it too. It’s so funky and modern and bright. It’s hanging in his office right now, but originally I liked it so much that I asked him to hang it in our living room.

 In fact, for Christmas one year I had Applewood Gallery do a canvas overlay of another Calder print to go with the original that he had.

The reason I ask if you like it is this: Jeff’s mom has always thought I was crazy for enjoying this piece! And we have gotten many strange reactions from family and friends over the years as they’ve seen it.

Alexander Calder canvas overlay
Alexander Calder canvas overlay

I think most people simply have no idea what it means. I don’t know what it means myself, but I have always enjoyed Calder’s work and this is no exception.

And I’ll ask another question as well:

Is a piece given by an ex suddenly less attractive in a couple’s home? Did Jeff’s mom particularly hate this because an exgirlfriend gave it to her husband, or would she have hated it no matter where it came from?

Knowing Caroline, she would have hated it no matter what, but in general do ex gifts have a diminished quality in the eyes of the current significant other? 

I would love to hear stories of any ex gifts that are still around your house – why you kept them, what they mean to your significant other …



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2 responses to “Weird paintings and exgirlfriends”

  1. Jeffrey Avatar

    You forgot to talk about the armed guards and attack dogs.

  2. Chris Avatar

    I like them. And they match your house!