A window into my childhood, or, the first boy I ever made out with

Tonight, I will see the boy I first made out with. His name is Joey McIntyre and he is the youngest member of New Kids on the Block. And when I was 12, his poster and I were tight. He got a good night kiss and we looked into each other’s eyes and he even sang to me. Ahh, dreamy …

Alas, all good things come to an end and even as he crooned “Please Don’t Go, Girl …” I knew it was my time to leave. NKOTB was headed out the door, the trendsetters had deemed them uncool, so I banished all of Joey and friends’ music and moved on with my life …

And then, 18 years later or so … here he is again … scary stuff!

I haven’t paid much attention to their comeback, honestly. Saw one video of them, and shuddered at how … old … they look. And if they are old, does that mean I am old? Oh no …

Colleen called me recently and asked me if I was interested in going to see them in concert with her. She never got to go as a child and she was bound and determined to go now. I laughed a little and said, “Well, sure, why not?” She found a deal on some nosebleed seats and so here we are: tonight, Colleen and I and Amy (who went through this with me; in fact, I distinctly remember a certain someone performing “The Right Stuff” for the school talent show …) and sorority sister Lindsey (who seems to think Joey is her  man – as if!) will be hearing them again.

I’m torn between wanting to laugh at myself and wanting to make sure I still remember all the old songs. And OK, yes, I spent all day yesterday listening to them – and of course I remember every word.

Joey, we may be older now, but I’ll know tonight if you’ve still got “The Right Stuff”.

“I’ll be lovin’ you forever …” You should know I’m married, though …






6 responses to “A window into my childhood, or, the first boy I ever made out with”

  1. Lindsey G. Avatar
    Lindsey G.

    He loves ME!!! I stuck by him…even through “I Love you Came too Late”!!!

  2. Jeffrey Avatar

    I am just going to keep my comment to myself on this one.

  3. Colleen Avatar

    Good thing I don’t have to fight for Danny! 🙂 I am so excited!

  4. Amy Avatar

    I was a Donnie/Jordan fan if I remember correctly. And I’ll own up to the talent show. The only talent show I ever did and it was a NKOTB song!

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  5. Blessings From Above Avatar

    While I was never that into NKOB, I spent a lot of time with a Kirk Cameron poster when I was a tween!

    Have fun at the concert! 🙂

    Last blog post from Blessings From Above – Happy, Happy Birthday

  6. Crystal Avatar

    How was the concert? I really wanted to go. I also did not get to attend a concert as a child, but fondly remember the NKOTB block beach towel and I still rock their songs on my ipod, singing every word. “Hangin’ tough”