Didn’t they blow our minds this time … oh yeah

This was no ordinary concert. I’ve been to several concerts in my lifetime, some for artists I absolutely adore and other featuring artists I didn’t care much about one way or another (typically was invited to these by a friend and went alon more for the company than the show). But I’ve never been to anything like this.

This was a trip back in time. Back almost 20 years in time. And I was not 30 years old, not that night – I was 11, I was 12, I was dancing in my bedroom in front of Joey’s poster and calling Amy to dish about how cute he was and to argue whether it was Donnie or Joey that had the Right Stuff.

Amy said it best in her post, and I got busy with my novel writing and I will use that as my very valid excuse as to why I didn’t post about the concert previously.

One thing I will add to her post is that these Kids know their target audience: They knew what we wanted that night was to be pre-teens again, and they delivered. Even their new stuff was very reminiscent of what they would have sung 20 years ago: Nothing like hearing a late-30s group of guys crooning that they “want to be your boyfriend.” (and yes, that was a new song).

At one point, Donnie even begged the women in the audience to take all of that energy that we have built here tonight and go home and use it to make your husbands happy … I wasn’t sure whether to fall out on the floor laughing or try to get backstage passes to see Joey after that monologue …

I promised Amy pictures, and that said, no further adieu – here they are! (apologies for poor quality; even with our seat upgrade, we were still quite far away … and it was hard enough to sneak in the point and shoot; I didn’t even want to try to get the D70s inside!)






3 responses to “Didn’t they blow our minds this time … oh yeah”

  1. Amy Avatar

    That was so much fun! Thanks for the pictures (and memories).

    Last blog post from Amy – Twilight Avatars, T-Shirts and SoundTrack

  2. Colleen Avatar

    I had a blast! Who doesn’t love being young again?
    P.S. – I still love Danny 🙂

  3. Crystal Avatar

    aahhh patience grasshopper. I found out how the concert went, thank you 🙂