Climb Every Mountain

Good thing they pay dividends.
Good thing REI pays dividends.

No, this blog post isn’t as awesome as this one that mentions the song by that same name, but here goes …

 I am going to Mount Mitchell in a week, and I cannot wait! A trip to REI yesterday resulted in a lot of fun. $360 later, I have a new pair of hiking pants, a pack for my dog, some Tevas to wear by the campfire, some thingie that attaches to my boots so I can walk through snow and ice, a water filter/purification who-knows-how-to-use-this-thing-anyway so we can drink from the stream and not get gross bacteria or dirt or worms or something, magnesium fire starter, matches and a waterproof holder, a shovel and some toilet paper, some hiking socks, toe warmers and a coffee filter that attaches to my Camelbak bottle. (The only real necessity is the coffee filter IMHO. Ok, and the toe warmers.) Jeff got a new pair of hiking pants and some socks and some of the basics we all have to have (matches, etc.) He’s reading Les Stroud’s Survive right now … (fittingly, a gift from Kevin.)

 Good thing about that REI Visa and dividends coming out soon …



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5 responses to “Climb Every Mountain”

  1. BigManWalking Avatar

    Well, this post tells us a little more about you. That’s a good thing -as long as we’re not paranoid about government or corporations (or nonprofits?!) coming to get us. (I guess I’m thinking about health care and making it easier for the doctors to know our medical history which I think is a good thing.)

    Thank you for you nice comment about my new blog at Open Salon!
    You’d think they would make the URL a little prettier or something, wouldn’t you? I love yours –

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  2. Whitney Avatar

    Wow! You’re totally set. Now, the way I see it, the “thingies,” water filter/purification, magnesium fire starter, matches, shovel, toilet paper, toe warmers, and coffee filter can all fit in the doggie backpack! So start prepping him now so that you don’t have to carry all that stuff yourself!

    This is a good link to learn about how to prepare your dog for backpacking (yes, I’m posting a link from an organization called “Dog Scouts.” And yes, they’re like boy/girl scouts for dogs…).

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  3. Kevin Avatar

    I can’t wait either! We should be able to check the weather for next weekend over the next several days. Those toe warmers may be nice!

  4. muttmutt Avatar

    Don’t be dissin’ da’ Yaktrax, now. They’re a necessity here in Wisconsin. They’ve saved my butt countless times…

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  5. Elwood Avatar

    I give lots of money to REI, myself.

    Have a great time!

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