So, did you hear the one about how running adds 16 years to one’s life? …

A conversation between siblings last week:

Kevin: I’ve decided to take up running. I can run about 20 minutes now without stopping.

Me: That’s awesome! We’re doing a 4.1 mile race in Athens in April. It’s hosted by the local brewery and it’s at 4 in the afternoon, which means I don’t have to get up early. And you get a brewery tour after. You should do it with us!

Kevin: Sure, sounds fun! Let’s do a 5K in Charlotte between now and then to practice.

Me: OK! There’s one March 21 at Freedom Park, and of course there’s the one this weekend at McAlpine.

Kevin: Let’s do both?

Me: Sure!

After signing up for all 3 races …

Jenny: So, Chuck’s doing a 1/2 marathon in Greer in April if you guys want to run it with him!

Me: Hmm … no. Well, maybe.

Kevin: Hmm. Maybe.

More to come later, but had to tell you why we ended up signing up for an insane amount of races!


3 responses to “So, did you hear the one about how running adds 16 years to one’s life? …”

  1. Joanna Avatar

    See that’s why I have only signed up for 1 so far (March 28th). It’s my first one. I have been training for it since December 28th.

    It’s weird how addictive running can be. I never was a runner before.

  2. UrbanVox Avatar

    I tried that once…
    never workked… 🙂

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  3. Elwood Avatar

    Run, Forrest, Run!

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