Am I the only one that likes rainy days?

Every time the forecast calls for rain I hear a collective moan among seemingly everyone but me. I absolutely love rainy days during the summer months. Rain in the winter pretty much sucks, I’ll give you that, but today I look out Chris‘ windows (I opened them, of course, as the rain cools everything off and saves on the a/c bill), and I find creativity in this light steady drizzle. Today is the perfect inside day, the perfect day for writing or designing a book cover or editing those photos I’ve been putting off.

Today is also the perfect outside day, if you know how to look at it properly. I could go for a run if I wanted to and not have to worry about a) sunscreen or b) heat exhaustion. Sure, my shoes might get a little squishy by the end, but they’ll dry. Days like today mean not having to wake up at 5:30 a.m. or forgo outdoor running until the evening. As a not-morning person, I like that story.

I wish I brought my rain boots I bought in New York City so I could be in fashion at lunch with Shana today. Next time, I’ll plan ahead better.

Today also means not sweating beside the open window, and not sweating beside the closed window because no amount of a/c can really keep at bay a sun that bright. It means Breanna the dog wants to cuddle more (If I’m being honest, she wants to cuddle even when it’s hot, too).

Sure, I can’t go to the pool, and I can’t … wait, what else can’t I do? OK, so I can’t go to the pool. The older I get the less I care about that anyway.

Naps are better when it’s raining. Movies at home are better when it’s raining (no glare on the TV). Coffee is better when it’s raining.

What am I missing?