Update on my novel (no, I haven’t forgotten about it)

proof books

I say I haven’t forgotten about my book that I have written, but I have regrettably put it on the back burner this year – but it’s not to stay there for long! My intent was to go through an edit on screen, and add scenes as needed, and then make a proof copy and go through it again. However, I learned the hard way (mostly by not doing it) that proofing on screen is near impossible for me.

So I went to what I know best, and that is book publishing! I designed the book covers before I even wrote the book, so that part was easy. I ordered a proof copy and now here it is, in my hands, just waiting to be edited.

Some notes about the publishing of the book –

– I was asked why it’s spiral bound. “Because it’s cheaper?’ a friend wanted to know. No, it’s because it’s a proof book – and with the spiral bound it will lay flat so I can write in it more easily. The final book will be perfect bound (like the binding of paperbacks and hardbacks you see in the book stores.)

– It’s double spaced, also to ensure easy note-taking in the margins.

– Since I had designed so many covers, I ordered the proof book in two of my favorites to see which I like best. As of now, I think the black on brown isn’t enough contrast to catch someone’s eye in the bookstore, so I’m liking the pink one (on top).

I also ordered a proof book of Amy’s book, mostly so that I can proof it (see above about on-screen proofing.) But also to give her something in her hands!

So there you have it. I’ll let you know more when the book is finally edited and ready for you to read it (it will happen, but it will not be soon.) Also, National Novel Writing Month is a mere 2.5 months away – do you know what you will be writing about yet? (I do. Sorta.)



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