Running tip: Don’t get hurt, don’t get hurt, don’t get hurt

Running is a dangerous sport. Really! It is.

Case in point: Kevin busted ass this week during a run at the Greenway in Fort Mill. And by busted ass, I don’t mean run really fast. I mean he tripped and fell, face first, onto the trail. He’s lucky his knee is only bloody, not fractured.

Speaking of fractured, a friend told me this morning that her girlfriend stepped on a stick while running: Fracture. From stepping on a stick. Scary stuff.

I had a hip injury last year that kept me from running for months. My ankle has been getting sore the past few months – I just ice it a lot, and last weekend I bought a wrap for it that seems to be helping.

My biggest fear is being unable to complete this marathon due to an injury. If I don’t get hurt, I know I can do it. I might do it really slowly and have the worst time ever, but I know I can do it. But if I get hurt …

I hate to think. Runners, be careful out there.

P.S. Marathon training is going well. So far, it’s kinda boring and easy, actually. I’ll be saying a different story in a few weeks when it starts to pick up, though!






7 responses to “Running tip: Don’t get hurt, don’t get hurt, don’t get hurt”

  1. Chris Avatar

    No kidding! My ankle is still giving me problems after 3.5 weeks. It totally sucks and the BRR is just around the corner. When I run the trails here, you don’t know how many times I’ve nearly tripped and busted something up.

    Haha, do you remember that time I did that awesome, talented backflip off of the treadmill? 😉

    @Kevin, hope you’re alright man. That sucks!

    Be careful indeed!
    .-= Chris´s last blog ..Busy is the word =-.

  2. Kevin Avatar

    Yes, we all must be careful not to get hurt. I think mild injuries are to be expected, but we need to be careful so nothing serious happens!

    The worst thing that happened on my run this morning were the smells coming from the guy smoking a black & mild and that trash truck that past me that smelled like he just picked up from the old folks home – they wear diapers you know!
    .-= Kevin´s last blog ..marathon training – week 2 =-.

  3. Jeffrey Avatar

    So, Kevin busted his ass, and landed on his face. If he would just get his head out of his ass, this would cease to be a problem. 😉

  4. Patrick Avatar

    Be careful out there; I’ve had my share injuries and still fight through some. Can’t wait to get home and start training again, maybe I can even catch up with you for some training runs.

  5. Melissa Avatar

    Patrick, I would love that! Be safe out there and get home, and then we can run in normal-degree weather … Will be *easy* for you after what you’re used to!

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  7. Brian Avatar

    I have had 2 falls in 5 days, after running 2 marathons and several years of no falls. Both times, I tripped on a raised part of sidewalk. Not a serious injury, but just wondering what’s wrong with me. Am I not picking up my feet? I think there’s something that I need to change. And now, I’m paranoid about running and tripping again. Damn.