Does this shirt make my butt look devilish?

So, you probably think I’m crazy and I know that I am … but I have signed up for two races next Saturday. Yep, two. Here’s why: I’m scheduled to run 12 miles for my marathon training, so I signed up for a 1/2 marathon that morning (13.1 miles.) However – it’s Halloween! So I couldn’t not sign up for the 5K (3.1 miles) in Transylvania County, NC, that evening – it’s called Flight of the Vampires and I just have to do it. I’m going to go all out for the 1/2 marathon – use it as a “practice” for the marathon” and then use the 5K as a recovery/fun run. Hopefully I’ll still be able to walk at the start line. 🙂

So the real question is: What do I wear to run in? I’ve compiled some Halloween/running outfits and I need your help deciding. I need to decide whether to just dress up for the vampire run or to try to run in costume for both. If I do have a costume for the 1/2 marathon – I will have to be very careful. What might feel ok for 3 miles might not feel ok around mile 10. The smart thing would be to only dress up for the 5K … lots to decide!

Ok, I’ll show you the outfits and mention the potential running conflicts. Of course, I can mix/match any of these – so help!

80s costume

80s outfit

What you’re looking at:

~ Blue running skirt (has pocket that would be perfect for energy gels, needed for 1/2)

~ Shirt that’s not exactly 80s but it is pink and it is funny (says: Does this shirt make my butt look fast?)

~ Pink fingerless gloves

~ Black legwarmers (I have no idea if I could run in these!)

~ Blue wig (I have run a 4.1 mile race in this – it got HOT. But it was not cold out like it is now – maybe I would welcome the heat now?)

~ pink glittery sweatband, which of course I would wear 80s style …

~ some colorful hair bands, which I could clip to wig or do something else with.

~ Not pictured – I have a white belt with a star on it, and a white belt with paint splatter pattern on it.

Potential issues with running: Leg warmers. Belt.

I know I could handle the belt for the 5K. Don’t know about the legwarmers – they could fall down after a few steps, or they could last the entire race …


Devil costume

Devil costume

What you’re looking at:

~ Black running skirt

~ Black tank top

~ Black wig with devil horns

~ Fake blood capsules

~ Black cape (long)

Potential issues with running: Cape.

I’m guessing the cape would never even see the start line. But could put it on right after at the finish!


Devil bride costume


What you’re looking at:

~ Black running skirt

~ Black tank top

~ Veil with devil horns

~ Black fake flowers

~ Not pictured: Black wig (I could take the devil horns out of the wig)

Potential running issues: Veil.


Fairy costume

Fairy Costume

What you’re looking at:

~ Blue running skirt

~ Blue tank top

~ Fairy wings

~ Blue wig

~ Tube of glitter

Potential running issue: Wings.


Again, I can mix and match any of these! So what do you think?






9 responses to “Does this shirt make my butt look devilish?”

  1. Chris Avatar

    Haha, freaking awesome! Try those wings on the black outfit.
    .-= Chris´s last blog ..What an experience! =-.

  2. Mikey H. Avatar
    Mikey H.

    Straight up Devil girl. No question.

  3. Crystal Avatar

    First things first: I love the 80’s!!! 🙂
    Second: I don’t think I would run in costume for the 1/2 marathon. It’s your first one, and it’s a big deal! I wouldn’t wear anything to hender that or hurt yourself (something maybe rubbing where it shouldn’t.)
    Third: The cape would be super cool flapping behind you while you run. I like all of the costumes though!!!

  4. Kevin Avatar

    I say no costume or a minimal costume for the half and then go all out for the 5K. I like the fairy the best and the devil girl with the cape for sure.
    .-= Kevin´s last blog ..a note on driving/parking etiquette =-.

  5. Sweigart Avatar

    Im thinking along the same lines of Crystal and Kevin on this one, and thinking that dressing up for the 1/2 might not be a great idea or if you do dress up, do something that wouldnt interfere in any way with your running.
    Im also going to agree with Chris on thinking that the wings would look great with your black outfit, kinda like a dark fairy look to it. Not sure though, because the wings might give a huge amount of wind resistance… so I guess that it all comes down to how tired do you want to be when all is said and done.

  6. Heather Avatar


  7. Amy Avatar

    See, this is why I love you. You’re running a race and all you can think about is your outfit! Love it!

    Go for the Devil Costume with wings!
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..Monday Mentions =-.

  8. Jessica Avatar

    AWESOME! Your costume is so going to kick my “costume”‘s butt, no matter which you go with. 🙂 I like the fairy outfit for the 5k. I don’t think i’d be wearing any kind of costume to run the half… there’s no telling how uncomfortable some of that stuff could be after a while!

  9. EDW Avatar

    LOVE the fairy. I might just dress up for the 5k, but if you don’t care about time, go for it for the half!
    .-= EDW´s last blog ..Something that’s so close and still so far out of reach =-.