What’s next?

So you guys want to know what’s next after the Thunder Road Marathon, huh? Me too.

I’m still in recovery and taking it easy but I can’t wait to get back out there.

The first official thing on the calendar is our annual Mount Mitchell winter trip. It’s coming up in a couple of weeks, and I can’t wait.

I’ve been hearing a buzzword lately too – triathlon. Problem is, I’m not good at biking or swimming. A small issue, huh? But I just got a new bike a couple of months ago, and one of my goals for 2010 is to get really comfortable on the bike. I also would like to incorporate swimming into my workouts – it’s great, injury-free crosstraining.

Kevin has agreed to work with me and Jenny some on swimming just to see how we feel about the whole thing. He warns us he’s not a strong swimmer, but he knows more than we do so that means he’s the expert! I’m sure our buddies at TrySports will be able to point us in the right direction, too. If I can get to a point where I’m comfortable, he’s suggested one in Fort Mill in June (Tri at Baxter).

As far as running goes, right now, I’m thinking half-marathon in March and one in April, a marathon in October, and Thunder Road Marathon again in December. I kinda wanted to try a flat marathon (like one in Florida, where my in-laws live) or perhaps the Marine Corps Marathon (not flat, but it’s in D.C., where my other in-laws live), but those are late in the year, too close to Thunder Road – and since Chris is running in 2010 (he had to defer because of injury), it’d be cool to do it with him. Plus, a race course close to home means I can train on the course, which I think really helped me last year. And it’s great to support local economy! (update: I found a Hal Hidgin training program for between marathons – so I will plan
to do both!) Ronnie has agreed to do MCM so I will have a training buddy, too!

I know that if I’m training for something, I’m more motivated to be out there. So I’ve listed a tentative schedule of races in 2010 that look good to me. I may not do all of them, but I’d like to do as many as possible. If you know of any good ones that I’m missing, tell me!

So, who’s going to run what with me?

Races 2010 (so far!):

January 23 – Run Downtown Greenville 5K, Greenville

February 14 – Cupid’s Cup 5K, Charlotte

March 6 – Alston+Bird Half-Marathon, Charlotte

March xx – Shamrock 4-miler, Charlotte (weekend after St. Patty’s Day, probably)

March 27 – Cooper River Bridge Run, Charleston (still trying to work out affordable/free lodging)

April 10 – SouthPark Half-Marathon, Charlotte

April 17 – Elizabeth 8K Road Race, Charlotte (might not do this after the Half and the Cooper River, but it sounds interesting so I’ll put it on here tentatively)

April xx? – Terrapin 5K plus one more mile – Athens, GA – hope they are having it this year!


June 19 – Tri at Baxter (yikes that makes me scared to write that!)


Having a hard time finding many races past this for now … I’m sure the fall races will start getting on calendars soon.

October 30 – SpinxFest Marathon, Greenville (backup if for some reason I don’t get to do MCM)
Ocober 31 – Marine Corps Marathon, Washington DC

December – Thunder Road, Charlotte (Hal Hidgin has a 6-week training program between marathons, so in theory I could do both)

So, there you have it! Now, I just need to make sure I’m doing this smart – no injuries – I don’t have time!