I sleep on the floor

Ok, so I’ve showed you my completed closet (really, is anything ever really complete?), my hallways, one of my guest bedrooms. So now I’ll show you my bedroom, and of course I am showing you this so you can laugh at me:

Bedroom 1

Yes, it’s true. I have 2 fully furnished guest bedrooms but no furniture in the master bedroom. How did this happen? Well, in one guest bedroom is Jeff’s old queen-sized bed that we put here when we decided we wanted a king-sized bed for ourselves. And in the second guest bedroom is the furniture that we got for a great deal at Storehouse when they were going out of business (will show you that bedroom later). I would love to have put it in the master bedroom but again, it’s queen-sized.

When we decided to move Jeff’s old bed into the guest room, we went ahead and purchased the king-size mattress. Didn’t get box springs because we figured we might get a platform bed.

And we did go shopping for master bedroom furniture. Just couldn’t settle on anything. Since I didn’t have a dresser, the closet became a big priority – I had to have somewhere to put all of my clothes! And the more time has gone on, the less of a priority finding bedroom furniture has become … but I promise, it is on the agenda at some point!

The duvet cover you see is actually Colleen’s. She brought it over temporarily during a party since we had 2 comforters but 3 beds. It seems silly to purchase a duvet for a bed that I don’t know what it will look like yet. I tried that already with the duvet that ended up on this bed.

The mirror is from IKEA and I absolutely love it. I would like to get two more for the guest bedrooms, too. It’s huge and reminds me of a dressing room at a clothing store.

So, as you see, the house is nowhere near complete … suggestions for the perfect furniture, anyone? It has to be the right blend of modern and contemporary. Not too Jetsons but nothing too traditional either. I thought about doing something really crazy and instead of dressers getting some kick-ass bookshelves like these and these (check out the last two images on that last one for what I’m thinking – and not in mahogany) for sweaters and such – turn the room into something truly unique. But as I sit here trying to think of ways to make it kick-ass, it stays like this …

So, give me ideas!