Calorie burn challenge week 5

So I thought I’d log my weekly calories during the 6-week calorie burn challenge TrySports is hosting, that I first mentioned here. Week 1 results are here, Week 2 is here, Week 3 here, and Week 4 here. If you haven’t already, come out and do the challenge with us – all you need is a heart rate monitor and the ability to do a group run or walk at TrySports at least once a week (they do them Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:15.)

Still taking it easy trying to prepare for Mount Mitchell hike next weekend, but ankle is feeling much better! Oh, and I’m officially at 10,000 calories, with 1 more week of the challenge to go! I know I won’t win, but I’ll at least get the tech tee – totally worth it.

Week 5

Wednesday: Weights –  38 minutes – 225 calories
                          Cycling – 5.46 miles – 25 minutes – 259 calories
                          Running – 2.43 miles – 33 minutes – 242 calories

Sunday: Running – 4.03 miles – 37 minutes – 468 calories

Total for week: 12 miles – 2 hours 13 minutes – 1194 calories

Total for challenge: 10,406 calories (out of 10,000 for challenge)






7 responses to “Calorie burn challenge week 5”

  1. urbanvox Avatar

    I wanna do something like that… my problem is GETTING STARTED…. it would be soooo much easier having someone to do it with… 🙂
    good luck anyways! 🙂
    .-= urbanvox´s last blog ..(Probably) The BEST Christmas ad EVER! 🙂 =-.

  2. Staci Avatar

    You are awesome! How motivating 🙂
    .-= Staci´s last blog ..Top Reasons I Did Not Work Out…… =-.

  3. Amy Avatar

    Congrats on hitting the 10K! Yay for running shirts!
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..Couch to 5K – Halfway Done =-.

  4. crystal Avatar

    week 5

    Tues: 308 calories: 3 mile run, no additional workout
    Wed: 0
    Thurs: 615 calories: 3 mile run, plus additional stretches, push up and sit ups work out.
    Fri: 0
    Sat: 0
    Sun: 0
    Mon: 0

    Being sick sucks
    Total for week: 923 calories
    Total for contest: 9142 out of 10,000
    I will make it, I will run everyday the rest of the week.

  5. Kevin Avatar

    Awesome! I am somewhere around 9500; I have been bad about keeping track. Good thing Garmin Connect does! I just need to download a few workouts from my watch. Can’t wait to see how many calories we burn on Mt. Mitchell!
    .-= Kevin´s last blog ..Don’t Eat Yellow Snow =-.

  6. Crystal Avatar

    CORRECTION: I put 0 calories for Monday because I didn’t wake up and go to the gym. Little did I know that Ryan wanted to run last night, so I did the elliptical for about 10 minutes realyl slow, and did a few sit ups and push ups. I still felt really week from being sick, but it felt good to have at least done something.
    Total for Monday 158 calories.
    Total for week 5: 1,081 calories
    Total overall: 9300 calories even 🙂

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