The world is my oyster (and so is Charlotte on a Tuesday night)

Best birthday ever - Corinne came to visit!
Best birthday ever – Corinne came to visit!

It ain’t easy turning 32 on a Tuesday.

I mean, who wants to go out on a school night?

Well, apparently I have some of the coolest friends in the world because my birthday kicked ass and I didn’t even expect it to.

We went to a hibachi grill for dinner (Kabuto), and beers turned into saki turned into saki bombs …

birthday shots
This was at the third bar … yes, third.

Ballantyne on a Tuesday night is typically a little quiet … in fact, at the bar above we made up half of the patrons. To say we made our own fun is quite the understatement.

10 years ago, I was living with these girls, celebrating my birthday …

It was quite appropriate that Corinne and Colleen were out with me. 10 years ago, I was turning 22. And I celebrated with these ladies. Probably in similar fashion that we’re celebrating now. Is it bad that 10 years later we still find the same fun? Hell no.

And Scott was the awesomest. He took us to all the cool places. We went from Kabuto to Village Bistro to On the Roxx to Cosmos. He entertained our conversation, some of which clearly left Corinne deep in thought. But not Colleen! Love this pic 🙂

And Cosmos is apparently the place to be on a Tuesday night! It was Latin night, and we were the only white people there. But we didn’t mind a bit.

Colleen and Melissa

Corinne and Melissa
uhm, not sure …

At some point I guess we got some message that we should go home. Perhaps it was this:

empty beer
Well, now we know it's time to go home.

It was a blast! At least, the parts I remember were …

Speaking of good friends and family, I think people know me so well, as is evidenced by my birthday gifts:

birthday presents for me!
2 running books, REI gift card, Starbucks gift card, hand weights, Sapporo

Coffee, beer, and workout gear. Hmm, they don’t know me at all do they? 🙂

I’ll leave you with some of the birthday cards I got:

Front: 2 women talking. Woman 1: “Where’s your birthday party at?” Woman 2: “Don’t end a sentence with a preposition.”

Back: Woman 1: “Where’s your birthday party at, bitch?” (from Colleen)

Front: You are the kind of woman who gives every day everything you’ve got. You laugh deeply, love strongly, and don’t let life’s ups and downs stop you from being your amazing self … 

Back: Simply said, you blow us away – and we are proud to call you family. Happy birthday to amazing you.  (from my parents)

Front: On your birthday, remember that love is the glue that holds our family together.

Back: Oh, and beer. Let’s not forget the beer (from my in-laws)

Front: Cat sitting in a food bowl with the words “Dog” on the bowl. Text: They dared Mittens to do it, and Mittens never turned down a dare.

Back: Here’s to living life on the edge! (from Elwood and Stephanie)

Front: It’s when you can’t hear the bats, that’s when the bats are coming.

Back: Other than that, I have no birthday advice (from Jeff)

These cards rocked! Thanks everybody for making my birthday super special. Thank you for reading, today and all days, and thank you for the comments you leave. It’s the reason I write! Don’t worry, even though I’m 32 now, this blog is not going to get all old and shit. I promise.