Late to the ball (not this time!)

So, this photo was not Photoshopped. But it sure looks like it was, doesn’t  it?

This image cracks me up. It was taken at the Marine Corps ball in November; my in-laws were in town this weekend so they gave us our copy then. This was taken by the portrait photographers hired by the Marines. They must be used to couples and small groups occupying their space, but we asked if they could accomodate our group of 9. They aimed to please, so they were able to fit us in.

I’ll admit it was my fault – I’m the one that asked if we could get everyone in. This is the first ball I’ve been to in a large group, and I was excited!

The photographer had Colleen and me sit on the floor since we are the youngest. And then we all squeezed together and smiled.

And now, seeing the results – it totally looks like Colleen and I were edited into someone else’s picture! The lighting is different, and we look larger than life compared to everyone else.

 I thought about making up some story about this photo:

= Colleen and I were late to the ball so we inserted ourselves in to the photo so everyone would forget we weren’t there.
= We don’t even know those people behind us.
= We were actually at the bar across the street when the photo was taken, and they couldn’t find us so they went on without us.

Any of those stories would be believable, knowing us … but the truth is we were right there!

For the record, the others in the picture are as follows:

Top row, from left: Grandfather Gene, Uncle Jim, Father-in-law Gray, Jeff

Middle row, from left: Gene’s wife Harriet, Mother-in-law Caroline, Aunt Peaches

Bottom row, from left: Colleen and me

The ball was a great time, and of course, we did end up at the bar across the street – but only after everyone left, I promise!






7 responses to “Late to the ball (not this time!)”

  1. Staci Avatar

    It does look like it was photoshopped. That is hilarious 🙂
    .-= Staci´s last blog ..Winning and Massage =-.

  2. Chris Avatar

    It kind of looks like a painting from the Renaissance when they hadn’t quite mastered perspective yet.

  3. Jeffrey Avatar

    The truth is, Melissa and Colleen are 7 feet tall, and Melissa is just trying to cover up for it. Something about being paid by the genetics lab for testing (beer money.) They were obviously not in the control group.

  4. Kevin Avatar

    That is pretty funny. It would be even funnier to see Melissa and Colleen taller than Jeff!

  5. crystal Avatar

    that is hilarious

  6. Amy Avatar

    That is pretty funny. You guys look fan in it though!!
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..TGIF – Stream of consciousness =-.

  7. Amy Avatar

    also? FAB
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..TGIF – Stream of consciousness =-.