What’s in your beach bag?

Some of my summer favorites, thus far:

Neutrogena Ultimate Sport sunscreen: My friend Brian suggested I get this when I complained on Facebook that the Coppertone I was using was really heavy and greasy. He was right – I love this new stuff. It’s so light and sheer I almost forget I’m wearing it. But no sunburn! 

Apple iPad: Okay, I’m cheating. I don’t own one. But Jeff does and I anticipate our next road trip being awesome for me, the passenger. The last few road trips have included stops at Red Boxes along the way while I watch on my laptop in the front seat. Sub out the laptop for the iPad, sub out the Red Box for Netflix on demand, and – score!

While we’re at it, Apple iPhone 4: Yes, this will be in my bag as soon as I can get my hands on one. I absolutely love my 3G, and I expect the 4 will have even more to love …

Triathlon suit: It’s amazing how many multiple workouts I’ve been doing lately in preparation for my triathlon. So I’m constantly doing laundry just for this suit and my one pair of tri shorts. I have a feeling I’m going to need to invest in another one of these at some point … Stating the obvious here, but this suit is good for swimming, biking and running. It has padding but less than bike shorts, so I can run in them. And yes, I get in the pool in this thing.

The latest Emily Giffin novel: I don’t have it yet, but I have all of her other books. If you’re a girl and you like girly books and want an easy beach read, get your hands on any of her books. Or even, put it on your iPad …

Summer dresses: Okay, I’ll confess I haven’t bought any new ones yet this year. Spending all of my money on workout gear! But some of my favorite hot-weather outfits are the most inexpensive – that dress I bought for $12 at Old Navy last year, those H&M clothes that only last a certain number of washes but are so fun to wear … 

Sunglasses: All of mine are scratched an old. I’m on the lookout for new ones. I like cheap ones, so that when I lose them I don’t have to cry about it. I need two pairs – one for workouts (polarized, better coverage so if something smacks me in the face while I’m cycling, my eyes are protected), and one pair for everything else – anything colorful, large, fun … I have my eyes on a pair at REI for the sportswear, but haven’t been looking yet for the fun pair. Where should I shop?

Which summer essentials am I missing?



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2 responses to “What’s in your beach bag?”

  1. Crystal Avatar

    We once took a trip to PA and watched Rocky 1 & 2 on the way there and 3 & 4 on the way back, since I had never seen them. Check target for cute sunglasses :)I heart Emily Giffin. I usually use the library, but of course there is a long waiting line for that one!
    My vacation is not until the end of summer, so I will wait until everything goes on sale and grab some things then for my bag!

  2. Graham Avatar

    Do they make that suit in a dude size? But with lightning bolts eminating from the crotch? I want something that says “I work out”, but also says “Hey, there’s still a sexist with needs under this outfit”.