Life, in our own back yard

Keys to a fun day with a friend:

It starts with new shorts and a smile, even at 7 a.m.

Hydration is always key to a day of fun, especially when it comes in a pink cup.

It helps to live in a state with beautiful places,

and to have friends who love adventure.

It can be a tough climb to the top,

but when you get there, it’s so worth it.

Drinks with friends are lighthearted, coffee with friends is intimate, shopping with friends is awesome. But there is something pretty special about sweating off 800+ calories before lunch and catching up on all the latest gossip at the same time. I can’t wait for our next adventure! Thanks for a great day, Jessica!






10 responses to “Life, in our own back yard”

  1. Chris (or @DeNifty) Avatar

    That definitely looks much better than the day I spent behind my desk…you need to work on Jessica to do a tri. She has logged some great mileage on dailymile and hasn’t done one yet. Just sayin!

  2. Jessica Avatar

    Awww, this blog is SO great, Melissa! I love it and I loved our day together, too!

    @Chris — Melissa knows my spiel about swimming. MAYBE is the answer I’ll give about doing a tri. MAYBE next season, MAYBE if i can get some swimming under my belt in the winter when I join the gym again.

  3. Jeffrey Avatar

    MAYBE next time we should all skip work and go to Crowders!

  4. Chris (or @DeNifty) Avatar

    @Jeff I totally agree
    @Jessica if you saw me swim then you would know that you could do a tri (pool swim). I had one of the slowest times and looked like I was drowning half the time. I guess after all this time you have been motivating me it is time I return the favor…”You can do it!” 😉

  5. Melissa Avatar

    But then we couldn’t talk about boys …

  6. Melissa Avatar

    @Chris – I so gave her this same talk yesterday. Jessica will be a great triathlete when she decides to go for it!

  7. Chris (or @DeNifty) Avatar

    Yeah I don’t think I wanna talk about boys…maybe me and Jeff will go and talk about girls. Alright I will lay off my motivational pep talks I mean I really don’t need someone else passing me on race day.

  8. Jessica Avatar

    @Jeff — I agree, too!
    @Melissa — yes, there is something about it being “just the girls” that adds a different dimension to the conversation… 🙂
    and @Chris and @Melissa: okay, okay. Not this year, though. Unless there’s one in September sometime that is a close-by sprint. I have no concept of how to breathe while swimming or even what a proper stroke looks like… but then again, I don’t care enough about swimming to even pay someone to tell me how to do it correctly. So I should probably just TRI it to see how it goes…

  9. Chris (@DeNifty) Avatar

    Well I don’t want to rush you into anything but there is the Cane Creek Tri on Sept 18…turns out that me, the wife and a good friend of ours is going to do it as a relay (it was just decided tonight). Maybe if you don’t want to swim you could find someone to do that part of the race and you do the rest. You will have friends there rooting you on guaranteed. Here is the link for it: That is the last I will bring it up (I wouldn’t have said anything but you said September and its not far from Melissa’s place).

    My training for swimming has consisted of watching youtube videos so I am still flailing in the water…I am still working on it though and some days I feel like I am getting faster.

  10. Jessica Avatar

    I will put it on the calendar and check on working out budget and logistics. Thanks for the heads-up!