potty talk

Because sometimes bathrooms can be a conversation piece. There’s a multi-opening frame in our half bathroom that holds photos of some of the more interesting bathrooms we’ve seen while on various adventures. I love taking photos of neat or unusual or weird things I see in bathrooms (not like that, you sickos). I happened upon a lot of photos recently, which I’ll share with you:

The Newseum, Washington DC
The Newseum in Washington DC contains tiles in the bathrooms that show headlines and corrections.
I took this photo because it's my former employer! Oops …


uh, why is the toilet outside?

At Maizie's Cafe and Bistro, Phoenix
At Maizie's Cafe and Bistro, Phoenix






5 responses to “potty talk”

  1. cRYSTAL Avatar

    This could go along with Kevin’s special place blog, however, I like yours better. His just normally looks like a big pile of leaves 🙂

  2. Kevin Avatar

    Cool post. My special places usually do look like piles of leaves, but it is what the leaves cover up that counts…

  3. Heather Avatar

    I’ll see if I can get a photo of it for you, even though it means going back to a sucky bar, but there’s a coin-operated hair straightener on the wall in the bathroom at a place in Glasgow.

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