Make your friends accountable for your productivitity. It works.

As an update to my to-do list post, I am feeling very productive and accomplished, especially considering I have been fighting a chest cold for almost 2 weeks now (yes, I’m going to the doctor today.)

Just so I can pat myself on the back before deleting it all and making a new list:
Did P90x (plyometrics; jumping)
Did P90x (shoulders and arms, abs)
Did P90x (yoga)
Did P90x (legs and back, abs)
Did P90x (kenpo; kickboxing)

(For the record, Sunday I did chest and back and abs and Saturday I ran 8 miles and did stretching. These didn’t make it on my list since I was trying to get most things accomplished during the week.)
Also did:
Cleaning items:
Downstairs items:
·         Dust bar and wash all stemware that’s probably dusty
·         Clean out drawers in bar
·         Clean glass breakfast room table
·         Dust all chairs and barstools
·         Clean  light fixtures and fans
·         Dust bookcase with cookbooks on it
·         Clean out drawers in bookcase
·         Clean dog crates
·         Clean up easel and other items in sunroom
·         Dust picture frames
·         Dust dining room table
·         Clean chair rail in dining room and foyer
·         Clean table in foyer
·         Clean out cabinets in table in foyer
·         Clean entertainment center
·         Organize hall closet
·         Organize workout gear
·         Clean countertops
·         Clean CD holder cabinet
·         Clean fireplace mantel and floor
·         Clean coffee table
·         Clean microwave
·         Clean stove
·         Clean sink with aluminum cleaner
·         Dust off appliances on counter
·         Organize pantry
·         Clean outside of refrigerator
·         Throw away old food in refrigerator
·         Clean inside of refrigerator
·         Clean out cabinets above refrigerator
·         Vaccuum couch and under cushions
·         Clean windowsills
·         Clean bathroom mirror
·         Clean bathroom sink
·         Clean soap dispenser in bathroom
·         Organize bathroom closet
·         Vaccuum
·         Hard floor cleaner
Also, cleaning items done that were not on list:
Cleaned pewter liquor lables
Cleaned outside of trash can
Take out trash and recycling
Vacuumed stairs

Work stuff
·          Credit card receipts entered into the accounting system for my business through the end of the year
·         Yellow pages ad mockup for client
·         Clean out email inbox
·         Catch up on all my invoices to clients
·         Cigar lounge logo proof
·         Whale logo for client

Dog stuff:
·         Give the dogs a bath (this should fall in the workout category, IMO. Wrestling an 80-pound doberman mix into a bathtub = not my idea of a fun Friday night.)
·         Organize pet items in garage

Other crap:
·         Records release form email to doctor
·         Update workout calendar through March
·         Clean up desktop
·         Run backup on computer
Also, not on list:
Researched some pottery barn items to see if returnable
emailed wedding dress photo to woman who is selling my dress

I emailed with Susan daily and we kept each other on track. This buddy system for productivity works! Now, I’m off to work on this week’s list (which is a lot of upstairs cleaning and some more work items)






6 responses to “Make your friends accountable for your productivitity. It works.”

  1. Melissa Avatar

    FYI – I wrote this yesterday – my doctor called today and called in a prescription for my cough. No one’s going anywhere in this weather!

  2. Amy Avatar

    Good lord, girl. I need to send you my to-do list!

  3. Whitney Avatar

    You are my new hero. I can’t believe you accomplished all of that in a week & with a chest cold! Can I be you when I grow up?

  4. Jeffrey Avatar

    Hey, get back to work!

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