It’s all about the details

A few things to note before giving you the big living room reveal after Anil let me play decorator for the past couple of weeks.

I gave you the kitchen organizing update a few days ago. There have been a few small updates since then:

Anil got rid of his old plates and bowls and replaced them with a simpler, white design. They fit in the dishwasher better, they display food better, and well, they just look nicer.

A small change, but baskets help to organize the cleaning supplies and make them more accessible when using them.

And a new pot rack not only organizes the pots and gives more cabinet space, but it looks pretty cool too. Anil has had even more compliments on it than I thought he would!

Speaking of details, Anil has ended up inadvertantly decorating the outside of his condo complex as well. He went through some closets and threw away some items that he didn’t want anymore. One of these items was an old Mets blanket.

The day after he threw it away, it somehow had made it out of the trash bin and crumpled up on top of the trash bin. And the day after that, it was no longer crumpled up on top of the trash bin but was hanging out on a wall:

What can I say? Go Mets!

Soon I’ll give you the big living room remodel. I’m sure Anil himself is ready for me to be done:

Just kidding; he’s having just as much fun as I am – in fact, he said he can’t wait for me to come back and tackle the dining room, kitchen (more than just organizing, but decorating), bedrooms and patio!



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3 responses to “It’s all about the details”

  1. Kevin Avatar

    Looking good!

    I love the “sad Anil”/”happy Anil” pictures!

  2. Heather Avatar

    Shame on him for throwing away a blanket anyway, when it’s been so cold and so many shelters and charities are begging for coats and blankets!

    The place looks good, though 🙂

  3. Melissa Avatar

    Heather – very good point! We actually did set aside for donation some of the things Anil didn’t want anymore but some of the items were really ruined. I can’t remember what specifically was wrong with the Mets blanket, but I do remember there being a reason he decided it was not donate-able … I’m pretty sure it wasn’t due to their losing streak, either …