‘like peeing in your pants’

Ah, I turn twenty-thirteen today. Love being in my 20s. I was going to write a post going on and on about how wonderful all those in my life are (yes, I am talking about you!) but I have been doing that a lot lately. Instead I’ll show you some of my super-cool presents. Pampering seems to be the theme this year, and I for one am *not* complaining one bit! You all know just what I need! Love, attention, and pampering. Yes, sir.

PS. My sister got me super comfy socks and perfume and lotion, but I forgot it in Greenville when I was there over the weekend. Must go back soon!

Colleen got me a spa pedicure. Pampering, and with awesome company to go with it …
Meghan gave me a tea sampler from Teavana. What a fun gift! I had tranquil dream last night and it was so good.
And for when I'm feeling better, Susan sent me this awesome necklace and lip gloss that sports 'guess where I'm tattooed' on the case!
Humor from my parents. Love it!

 Yes, I feel the warmth, indeed!






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  1. Crystal Avatar

    I love the card in the pic with the necklace and lip glass hahaha. Mmmm wine 🙂 Hope you are feeling great. Happy Birthday!!!