The best coffee mugs ever …

So, I kind of want to go on and on for a while about my coffee addiction.

But that’s not the point of this post, so I won’t. Just know that I have one.

And part of having one means that I am very particular about the type of coffee mug I like to drink from.

At home, I have no “set” of coffee mugs. My collection is made up of mugs people have given me and mugs I’ve collected over the years.

Here’s a thing about my coffee drinking: I can’t drink it when it’s too hot. I must have a sensitive mouth or something, because if I were to drink coffee as hot as most people do, I would end up with burn on my tongue/roof of my mouth for a few days.

So, when I pour a cup of coffee, I wait. Until it’s cool enough for me to drink.

But cold coffee is gross (unless it’s iced coffee), so I have to then drink it quickly before it gets too cold.

Which means large mugs are not a good fit for me. It takes the coffee longer to cool, then there’s no way I can drink it all before it gets too cold.

In fact, at home, my favorite mug is a small mug of Jeff’s, probably holds about 6 ounces of coffee. It used to have POW words and graphics on it but they’ve all rubbed off.

Anil had a collection of very large mugs. About 6 of them took up a majority of a cabinet shelf. And he had two small mugs that we’d practically fight over when I’m at his house. So, we’ve been on the lookout for replacement mugs. No point in keeping them if you don’t like them …

Finally found them at World Market. A set of 6 mugs for about $13.

The don’t look all that special at first glance. You can either get all white mugs, multi-colored mugs, mugs with famous cities on them. He went for the multi-colored ones.

And this, my friends, has turned out to be the best coffee mug collection I’m pretty sure I’ve ever seen. They are stackable, which means 6 mugs takes up less space than what 2 mugs used to take. They are small, which means you can comfortably drink a cup of coffee at the right temperature. The round bottom makes them really nice to hold in your hand.

I like them so much, in fact, that I’m fairly tempted to get rid of most if not all of my beloved coffee mugs and replacing them all with these. …

P.S. World Market should totally be cutting me a check for this post, but they’re not. I’m sharing this with you because I’m so impressed. The last coffee mug I bought before these was from Pier 1. As cute as it is, it’s not worth a blog post. And that one mug cost almost half of what 6 mugs cost at WM!






2 responses to “The best coffee mugs ever …”

  1. Rick Avatar

    You’re my hero 🙂 – same thing here, all of the above. Finally found a “set” at BB&B that were all earthenware, different colors so I could live with them and still not have a “set”. 🙂

  2. Mike Avatar

    Melissa, what do you think about this Self Stirring Mug? I’m thinking about getting it this Christmas. Is it any good?