Come shopping with me (Old Navy will buy you a dress)

So, Old Navy is awesome and sent me a coupon for a free dress – AND one for a friend. And I absolutely cannot pick which friend I should give it to. So I’ll make you pick for me.

Here’s the deal – we have to take a photo of ourselves in our new dresses and send it to Old Navy. So, you need to be local or at least willing to drive to South Charlotte (Blakeney) in the next week or so (I’m hoping to go on Tuesday evening, March 13) to try on dresses.

So, if you want the coupon, post a comment telling me why you want it. And I’ll do a random generator or something to pick someone … Let’s go shopping!







4 responses to “Come shopping with me (Old Navy will buy you a dress)”

  1. Heather Weimer Avatar
    Heather Weimer

    I want to go shopping for a new dress because ONE after losing weight I don’t have many and TWO I think it would be fun! 🙂

  2. Amy Avatar

    Me, you, Old Navy and a pair of dresses? Let’s do it!

  3. Meghan Davis Avatar

    Shopping? Do you even have to ask? Sounds like fun!!!

  4. Staci Avatar

    That sounds like fun!!!