Good one, Bible Belt

Today, I’m wishing I was a little more of a pack rat.

Because if I actually saved things instead of throwing them away,  I could prove to you that my best friend Colleen and I have actually been planning to be “gay married” for more than a decade.

Of course, we don’t call it that. We just call it two best friends growing old together. She sends me greeting cards every year proving it. You’ve seen them — with the little old ladies hanging out on the porch at the nursing homes, laughing and joking about the cute pool boys and our future sagging boobs (OK, her future sagging boobs) and whatever it is little old ladies talk about when they’ve lived the better part of their lives together in some fashion.

This scenario is, of course, based on the thought that we’ve outlived any men in our lives (sorry boys, but it is a scientific probability that we will do just that) and that as our lives reach a slowing-down point, we will be content with good company, good memories, and the knowledge that there is someone there to hold your hand when times get tough.

But according to what the lovely state of North Carolina decided yesterday, there’s a glitch in our little-old-ladies-on-the-porch plan. Meaning, if I have to go to the hospital (and I will, duh, I’m old), she couldn’t make any necessary medical or financial decisions should I be unable to.

This is the girl who washed gravel out of my forehead when I let a drunk guy give me a piggy back ride up a hill when I was 20. The girl who held my hand when she got her ear pierced and I felt faint (yes, that happened.) The girl who knows the look on my face when I am going to be sick. She has rubbed my hair countless times and she would be a perfect “life
partner” should we outlive all the men.

And I think it’s pretty damn unfair that we don’t legally have that choice.






2 responses to “Good one, Bible Belt”

  1. Jeffrey Oyler Avatar

    The 18th Amendment to the US Constitution took away the rights of the people. It is also the only one that has been repealed. It lasted 13 years.
    Now, North Carolina has added an amendment that takes away the rights of the people. I hope it lasts less than 13 years.

    That being said, the North Carolina Constitution Article VI Suffrage and Eligibility to Office states, “To hold an elected state office a person cannot fall in any of the following categories…Denies the existence of God.” Article VI, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution overrules this, and many other provisions in the North Carolina Constitution. So there is that.

  2. Fiona Avatar

    I still can’t get my head around it all. I’m in Scotland and we have civil partnerships and marriage will be legal in the next few years I believe. The arguments that are banded about are usually based on if we allow gay marriage then people could marry for convenience but surely that’s doable between man and woman? Guess what I’m trying to say is the right keep trying to put out any old argument to stop what will eventually and should be made legal. Your a consenting adult,you love somebody,no matter the coupling you should be able to get married if you wish.
    It makes me despair for humans sometimes with the amount of sheer hate and scheming that goes into trying to prevent a choice that’s between 2 people,whether that be 2 women,2 men or one of each