You are getting very sleepy …

On occasion I’ve been showing you different rooms in my house, and how they’ve been decorated (so far. Is a house ever really done?)

So far you’ve seen my closet and my hallways. Now let me show you the bedroom … but not my bedroom, that’ll come later. This is the guest bedroom.

Guest room bed

In this room, we tried to make it all about a good night’s sleep. Hence the dark walls. It’s actually on the same paint swatch as the walls in the foyer that I showed you in the hallways post – just a darker version of it.

And, to not be too dark and dreary, it’s gotta be all about contrast.Enter a white duvet cover. Let me state for the record, I do not like duvets. I bought this one, a king-sized, from West Elm several years ago for the master bedroom. A few months later it got banned to the guest room (a queen-sized bed.) It’s nice and comfortable and fluffy, but the comforter gets separated from the cover way too much, even with the little clips you can buy.

It might be hard to tell in this light, but the blanket is ivory and so are the shams. So the bed is very light and the walls are very dark. It doesn’t get good lighting at all – so putting on makeup in a room like this would be a bad idea. But that’s what bathrooms are for, right?

The bedframe is Jeff’s old one that he had before he met me.

The curtains were a gift from my mother-in-law, Suzie, purchased from Pottery Barn. I love them!

Guest room angle 2

On the opposite wall from the bed is a TV armoire holding an old tube TV, a luggage rack purchased from Storehouse when they were going out of business (it’s actually a seat, but it looks like a luggage rack to me. So put your butt or your suitcase on it; your call.) And my favorite part of the room: 2 cartoons created by Charlotte Observer Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist, Gene Payne, who happens to be Jeff’s step-grandfather. We have been asking for and would like 2 more cartoons to place underneath those to make that wall complete.

Gripes about this room: The armoire has got to go. It’s so awful and ugly. I was so gung-ho on having furniture for this room that I justified the cheap price (about $350 for the armoire and the matching nightstand), thinking that the furniture needed to be useful more than it needed to be high quality. However, it’s ugly. And I so wish I’d known about IKEA before I purchased this crap. IKEA stuff might be crap, but it’s stylish crap.

We did have friends stay over one night after getting drunk and the next day the door to the armoire wouldn’t stay open anymore. Don’t even know what happened behind those closed doors …

And at this point, if new furniture would be purchased, a new TV would be called for as well, a flat-screen. So a whole new project … needless to say that’s a “someday” project. In the meantime, if you come stay here you’re gonna have to live with a 10-year-old TV and a cheap armoire.

I do feel that the wall is pretty unbalanced. Maybe a flat-screened TV would fix it. I also want to get a full-length mirror for the room. Maybe you can’t do your makeup in here, but you can at least check out your outfit …

Also, no offense, Jeff, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a more modern bed frame in here, either …






4 responses to “You are getting very sleepy …”

  1. Crystal Avatar

    love the paint color!

  2. Christian Avatar

    After running 26 mi. you deserve a treat. Do you like the smell of cedar? You know what would be perfect at the foot of your bed. A cedar chest. You could stow all your wool garments and ooh la la not only are cedar chests attractive the smell of cedar is great to. Just a sugestion.

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