You are a bad influence on me

Yesterday I posted this on both Twitter and Facebook:

And it’s true – it’s something I’ve been thinking about wanting for a long time – but of course, it’s a huge decision to make – bigger than any other tattoo decision I’ve made thus far (see my other tattoos here). And every time I see a girl with a sleeve tattoo I am so jealous. “I wish I could have one of those …”

Well, I can! Right?

So, I posted the message and then I went on with my day, thinking about the tattoo but busy with work so letting it stay in the back of my mind.

The opinions started flooding in. And some of my Facebook friends were not amused:


Okay, counting the people that “liked” this – that adds up to 14 people responding (some more than once). Of those 14, we have 7 for, 4 against, and 3 that are seemingly staying purposefully neutral …

The Twitter responses, however, were overwhelmingly on the same page:

So, Twitter, that’s 8 for, 0 against, and 0 staying purposefully neutral. Unanimous!

So, if you purely look at the numbers, there were almost as many supporters on Facebook as Twitter. So maybe this is not so shocking. But what did surprise me was the strength of the feelings of those against the idea. Some folks really, really hate it! But, it’s awesome feedback. I want to make sure that if I get one (oh, who am I kidding? When I get one …), I make sure it doesn’t look like a hodgepodge of stuff like Sam fears, and I certainly don’t want to throw up on my arm like Matt suggests (I’m not sure I’m that flexible to cover the underside anyway …)

 But, I do think it’s about time to start a conversation with my tattoo artist!

PS. What do you think, blog readers? Are you a good influence on me or a bad one? 😉



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9 responses to “You are a bad influence on me”

  1. Whitney Avatar

    If you get one, I’m going to be completely jealous!!! So I think that means I’m a bad influence. My mother said that there is only one thing that I could tattoo on my body that would really offender her, and that’s a sleeve. So for my mother’s sake, I’ll probably never have one. But I really only want a half sleeve… I’m more of a “short-sleeve” girl anyway!

    I’m with everyone who said they wanted to see pictures if… WHEN… you get it!

  2. SallyStardust Avatar

    Well you know how I feel. (see above)

    And any statement that starts with “EVERY SLEEVE TATTOO” or any other absolutes can’t be listened to. Because that’s just wrong. People get bad tattoo’s YES. But there is so much good work out there and that’s just BS and unfounded to say “all” of something is bad.

    Get it for you, do your homework, think it through carefully and for a long time and you will be happy. As long as you do it because YOU love it.

  3. Amy Avatar

    I think in general when I see sleeve tattoos, I think they’re beautiful. But only for that hot second. I would never want to live with one and think they are super tacky during a nice occasion (sorry to be so frank). Like I said some are beautiful, I just don’t think your (ok, maybe MY) arm is the right place to look at it forever.

  4. Chris (or @DeNifty) Avatar

    I believe I was labeled “purposefully neutral” but I should say I like the look of quality tattoos. I am to indecisive to get one myself but when I do get one I will place it where I will never have trouble covering it up for a interview. I would rather not have to wear long sleeves in the summer because of some “policy”. People make snap decisions about others based on appearance. The fact that you are a graphic designer allows you to be more bold with your look since artistic types have more rebellious looks. All this is the long way of me saying go for it unless you want to be a financial adviser later in life.

  5. Crystal Avatar

    This may be cheesy, but did you know they have “sleeves” that you can buy, that fit really tight on your arm, sort of a panty hose / nylon material. At first glance it appears that it’s very real, especially to other people. Why don’t you buy a set of those and test the waters. Wear it around for a little while to be sure it’s something you really want for the rest of your life. Wear it to the next Marine Corp Ball? Would it work? I hope this helps 🙂

  6. Jessica Avatar

    This might just be a misconception of mine, but: don’t sleeve tattoos usually consist of several different tattoos that make up the sleeve? Like, that they all have a theme or common denominator and kind of flow together? I like the look of some that I’ve seen on dudes, but I can’t say I’ve seen many women (other than those on the Ink shows on TV) with them. I’d be intrigued to see what design(s) you would choose. I’ll remain neutral, since I feel that I can’t pass fair judgment on what you haven’t yet done. 🙂

  7. Steve H Avatar
    Steve H

    Oh Lawdy Ms Clawdy!!! I can only hope I am a bad influence on you! I wish I could do your sleeve, would be a great time! Most women I have done LARGE work on are so awesome inside!!! Good luck to you, keep me posted on what is going on with it!

  8. Kevin Avatar

    Nobody can tell you what to do; you’ll decide for yourself, but I personally would regret (in some occasions) having a tattoo that I could not easily cover. I like Crystal’s comment. If you bought the “removable sleeve” would you take it off for the ball?

    You can’t take off the real thing…

  9. Heather Avatar

    I missed the Twitter/FB posting, but I say:
    It’s your body. You are the one who lives in it. Do what makes you happy.
    You do all kinds of things to make that the body you want to live in. You run and exercise in all kinds of way to make it the shape you want and keep it running in prime condition. You eat and drink things that make your tastebuds and tummy happy. You read, listen to music, and watch movies that stimulate your mind and emotions. These are all choices to make your body what you want it to be. Also, you’re no stranger to piercings or tattoos, so you aren’t naively making some rash decision.

    Like some others said – think about it and if it’s what you want, do it.