Bikinis and bathtubs and more toilets for women

So, the bathroom photos I mentioned a few days ago made it into the collage frame. Here is the frame as a whole:


Here are some close ups of the photos that existed prior to me writing the other day’s post:

Hotel bathroom in Assisi, Italy
Hotel bathroom in Rome, Italy

The Italy photos are less “humorous” and more “unique” – I’m kind of going for humor here so those may be the next to go when I find better photos.

New Kids on the Block concert

The quality is kind of bad on this one, so you may not be able to read that it says “women’s restroom only” on top of the men’s restroom symbol. Well, it was New Kids on the Block – probably 90% women there!

Cabo Fish Taco women's restroom

This photo is my favorite so far – it’s the women’s restroom at Cabo Fish Taco. Girls always go to the bathroom together – why not make it more convenient? In fact, Colleen and I discovered this bathroom together!

Now, want to see the rejects? Here are the photos I removed from the frame to make room for the new ones:

Bathroom in my house
Another view of the bathroom in my house

Those were taken by Jeff when this project was first started – I kind of hated to remove them because I love the quality of the print, but again, going for humor and that’s not humorous – they were sort of a placeholder …

Bathroom in a hotel room at The Grove Park Inn, Asheville

Wow, that was an amazing “effervescent”  bathtub – in a club floor room at the Grove Park Inn.

Mandalay Bay restroom signs, Vegas

These I was so looking forward to using for the humor portion. But silly me forgot that I needed a horizontal shot. I took them vertically. Cropped them horizontal to see if it would work and decided after receiving the prints that you can’t really tell what it is. If anyone is ever at Mandalay Bay, please go to the pool and take these photos for me!






2 responses to “Bikinis and bathtubs and more toilets for women”

  1. cRYSTAL Avatar

    I love them 🙂 You and your ideas are to cute!

  2. Brandi Avatar

    My daughter and I also discovered the Cabo Fish Taco bathroom together, quite convenient.