‘This is your gym for the next 90 days’

That’s what the box on my newly purchased P90x tells me.


I am skeptical. What about my running?

But I realize I don’t even know enough about the program to know if they account for that.

Here’s what I do know: My gym membership ran out a month ago. I traded in Time Warner for DirecTV, which was 99% positive. The one negative was I lost my workout-on-demand channel.

What I also know: P90x basically consists of a couple of manuals and 13 DVDs. 12 DVDs. Ok, looks like there were supposed to be 13 DVDs (12 workouts plus a “How to do this” type video, and the guy I bought it off of Craigslist must’ve kept the “How to do this” part. That’s ok. I did get it for $50 instead of the $120 list price.

Here’s what else I know: Everyone says it’s kick-ass. Even Katie, who used to teach a boot camp class at her gym and knows how to bring it. If Katie endorses it, I’m in. Hence, why I own these now.

Here’s the last thing I know: The running’s been great. But I want to have better all-around health, not just running. I want to look more toned. I want to loose my pooch. I want to have thinner thighs.

So, here goes.

In addition to the DVDs, which I have now, the instruction sheet says I need the following:
= chin-up bar
= resistance bands or dumbbells (Check and check. I have both.)

And highly recommends the following:
= PowerStands (I don’t know what that is)
= Heart Rate Monitor (check)
= Plyometrics Mat (I have a regular workout mat, that will do)
= Yoga Blocks

Quick trip to Wal-Mart to purchase the two missing items:

Chin-up bar and yoga mat

And now I’m ready. Oh, it also says I need a bunch of supplements but I’m ignoring that part. If I do need them, I’ll purchase tried-and-true Hammer products. I’m also eyeing this book:

The Food Matters Cook Book

Which seems like a great addition to the P90x but I have not purchased it yet. Spent a lot of time with it at Borders yesterday, though, and I’m really interested in giving it a try. The P90x does come with a nutrition plan but it uses words like “shredder” and “maximizer” which seem kinda like manly marketing and make me wary. Silly probably, but true. To be continued on the nutrition, though.

Oh wait, not quite ready. First I text Amy and Colleen and Jenn to come do this torture with me. Let’s see who bites.

Step 1. Read about what P90x is and who it’s for.

 “P90x is an extreme fitness program designed for individuals in top physical condition and health.”

Perfect. Katie, *virtual fist bump*.

Also mentions I’ll get in the best shape of my life and sweat a lot. I’m in.

It also says it’s 2 weeks of intensity followed by a week of recovery. Just like my marathon training programs!

Step 2. Read workout overview.

Workouts are broken down into the following:
= Chest and back
= Polymetrics
= Shoulders and arms
= Yoga
= Legs and back
= Kenpo (kicks, punches, etc.)
= Stretch
= Core synergistics
= Chest, shoulders and triceps
= Back and biceps
= Cardio
= Ab ripper

The book goes into detail about the various muscles that will be worked in each section. I also learn that PowerStands are for people who either have wrist injuries that prevent them from doing push-ups or for whom traditional pushups are too easy so they need to step it up. Uh, I don’t need that.

Step 3. Take measurements and “before” photos.

Sigh. Ok, I’ll do it. After I write this blog.

Step 4. Take the fitness test.

Ok, I’m going to skip this one. Going to guess that my marathon-ing qualifies me. And my Jillian Michaels.

Oh wait, I’m not going to skip it. It has places for me to record what I can do prior to day one and then after day 90. That will be cool to record. Ok, I’ll start with that tomorrow. (bummer, I’d been planning to do workout 1 tomorrow.)

For tonight, it’s time to get ready for New Year’s Eve. Measurements and fitness test tomorrow, then here goes nothing!

P.S. Going to see Robot Johnson tonight at Spirit Square. Totally stoked. Some of you may recognize Graham from Robot Johnson – he comments here frequently. If you don’t have plans (hahaha yes I know it’s 5 p.m. on New Years Eve), then come join!


One response to “‘This is your gym for the next 90 days’”

  1. Jessica Avatar

    That cookbook looks great! We don’t have that one yet, but whichever one of us ends up with it first, let’s give a review. 🙂

    As for P90X: I’d LOVE to have it. Jeni (fitness studio owning friend who was my coach/trainer over the summer) would assign P90X DVDs in addition to whatever training/workout you were doing. She actually started giving them out recently as pieces of her training plans that she writes for people… like on strength days, she would assign them cardio in addition.

    I cannot WAIT to follow your progress and hear how it works for you!