Miles daily eventually = miles yearly

So, I used to post on Facebook and Twitter every time I would work out. And then I decided that was just obnoxious. So I try to save those workout posts only for something special, and I’ve moved my daily workout ramblings over to Daily Mile, where everyone is allowed to talk about their workouts until they’re blue in the face. It’s what it’s for!

So, the folks over there like to have fun with stats, such as telling us how much gas money we’ve saved by commuting via foot or bike. (I’ve saved $92.14 since joining about 2 years ago). I’ve also made it .07 around the world – long way to go.

They recently sent us all a “yearly report” where we could see our accomplishments of 2010, Daily Mile-style.  I had mentioned a few weeks ago that I’d run 1182 miles, but here’s some more fun:

So, there’s the breakdown. I’m suddenly understanding why I felt so good about myself during my triathlon-training time (my triathlon was in June; look at those numbers!). My marathon was in October, which accounts for July-October numbers. November, wow. Now I get where those extra few pounds came from. I picked it up in December, though, and I’m feeling pretty good right about now, so there’s that! (For the record, my January mileage totals are gonna suck since I’m doing P90x and that’s not a lot of miles. I maybe get one mile a day jumping around in my living room.)

So, I burned 34 pounds, huh? I’d like to know where that weight went! Guess I picked it up with the eating …

So, I had good karma (gave more comments than I received. That’s cool.) My most popular activity was running. As if we didn’t know that. I work out more in the evenings, and I burned 657 donuts. That sounds impressive until I broke it down in my head – that’s less than 2 donuts a day. All that working out, and I would have evened out the calories with as little as 2 donuts a day. Ick!

My average feeling was good. My longest streak was only 4 days? I don’t buy that, seeing as how my marathon training schedule had me working out 6 days a week … I know I skipped a few workouts, but not that many! Right? Er … My average mileage looks to be somewhere between 3-4 miles. Again, I’m surprised. I was running a minimum of 4 or 5 miles during marathon training, so I’m surprised it’s not a little higher! Looks like the 5 mile mark isn’t far behind, though.

My goal for the year: “Marine Corps Marathon – to complete it with a smile on my face!”

Looks like I attained my goal!

Me crossing the finish line of the Marine Corps Marathon

And last but certainly not least, my top motivators on the site were Jessica, Michael and Chris. Thanks guys!!

So, unfortunately if there were any stats from 2009 I didn’t save them. So I don’t have anything to compare this to. But I now have something to compare 2011 to! If you’re on Daily Mile, what did you think of your yearly report? If you’re not and you work out, come join us over there. You can talk about running and cycling to your heart’s content, and no one will even bat an eye …