Belly button logic

I saw this story on the Today show about how the placement of one’s belly button, whether high or low, will determine swimming and running ability. A higher-placed belly button makes for a better runner, a lower-placed one makes a better swimmer.

I thought this article was super interesting until I realized I have no idea if my belly button is high or low. I never thought about it before!

So, you tell me:  is it high or low?

belly button


And also, tell me – is yours high or low? Is the research correct or incorrect?






8 responses to “Belly button logic”

  1. Wes Avatar

    High maybe? Dunno I’m a little distracted… ; )

  2. Jessica Avatar

    I dunno. I also am unsure of how one is supposed to determine these things. But you appear to have a Kellerweis in your hand.. and that is now my favorite summer beer! 🙂

  3. Amy Avatar

    Girl! I thought that was a generic model picture. I didn’t even realize it was you until the bottom of the post! Hot! Look at those abs! I don’t know, I think your belly button is kinda in the middle which is why you’re great at BOTH!

  4. Whitney Avatar

    If your waist is the mid-point for determining high vs. low, then yours looks kind of low to me… mine is only slightly lower than my waist. I wish that the article had provided examples of high and low placed belly buttons. I’m with Jessica, not sure how one is to determine those things without having more detail!

  5. Crystal Avatar

    WOW! I also thought it was a generic pic maybe from the article! You look great! Keep up the good work! Oh and I don’t know it looks right in the middle to me.

  6. Muttmutt Avatar

    Show off! 🙂

  7. Heather Avatar

    Well, if that research is correct, it might explain why I struggle so much with running, as mine is pretty low.

  8. Graham Avatar

    Clearly, I’m dead inside because I focused on the beer first and then noticed there was a girl attached to it.

    Subsequently I saw the tattoo and thought your girl-parts must clearly have very fancy thought-bubble.

    Also, I can’t recall if it is ‘girl-parts’, ‘girl parts’ or ‘cooter’.