All is right with the world if only I could sweat in my headphones

Here’s how I spent my time last week:

53 miles. All on my feet. So, I don’t have much to talk about other than running! (That screen shot is from Daily Mile; come friend me over there if you haven’t already.)

So, that said, here are a few thoughts about running:

= Does anyone have a good recommendation for headphones I can sweat in? I currently use the headphones that come with the iPhone; the ones with the built-in microphone. I have probably ruined about 5 pairs of these. I like having the ones with the microphone because they also have a button I can push to skip a song or accept a phone call. Since my iPhone is typically tucked away in my water belt, this is very helpful. But after about 6 miles or so, they start to get all wonky. It has driven me crazy the past few runs!

= I’ve made a new rule for myself regarding the phone. Specifically, being on the phone. I have decided that any time I plan to take a long phone call (you long phone talkers know who you are!), I’m either going to be walking or sitting in my massage chair. This keeps me active and multi-tasking. I can walk miles without being bored if I’m on the phone – it’s as if I’m taking a walk with the person. And it burns a lot more calories than sitting on the couch, and it’s great cross training to keep me away from injury during marathon training. And the massage chair, well, that’s just fun.  

= Speaking of water belts, I picked up a new hydration pack at REI‘s scratch and dent sale on Saturday (mine’s not on the site, but it’s made by Novara and it’s light blue and girly and matches my bike). I got it so I could cycle in it, but I thought I’d try it out on my 18-mile run since a few runners I know swear by them. I used a bladder that Chris B. gave me, so thanks, Chris! (Colleen borrowed my other bladder to go hiking with a few weeks ago.) It was a little bouncy but not too bad, and the bottom line was that I got to drink way more water during the run than if I’d had to ration out the 2o ounces my water belt will hold. I bet this bladder holds 70 ounces, and I didn’t fill it all the way full, but I did drink it all. Probably 60 ounces worth. Will definitely consider using this on long runs instead of the water belt, but will still to the water belt for shorter runs (6-8 miles).

= I got to pet a great dane on my run on Saturday. This may not seem like a big deal, but I love dogs! The bigger the dog, the more I love him/her. This dog was able to lean her head up and sniff my shoulder without too much of an effort. Adorable! I might have to run in that neighborhood more often! #dogstalker

= Tried Scott’s favorite place, Yoforia, after my run yesterday. I see why he loves it! It really hit the spot after a run. And it’s not bad for you at all – 25 calories per ounce and 0 fat. Can’t beat that for ice cream yogurt! I had dark chocolate and peanut butter yogurt, and I added strawberries and chocolate chips.






6 responses to “All is right with the world if only I could sweat in my headphones”

  1. Chris (or @DeNifty) Avatar

    Good to see you were able to use the bladder. Those Camelpacks are awesome especially on bike rides…I got my eye on a new one that is a bit thinner for the tri’s and just riding. (I want the red and charcoal one of course to match my bike…I am pretty sure as a guy that shouldn’t matter to me though)

  2. Kevin Avatar

    I run with a Sony Employee player built into headphones. It works very well and battery life is awesome. They accept the amount of sweat that I can put out (a lot!) and have good sound too. Easy to change tracks with the controls on the right ear bud. They are a Tad bouncy but it does not bother me. The
    only time they got uncomfortable enough to take them off during a run was at mile 22 of the marathon and everything was uncomfortable at that point!

  3. beth Avatar

    they just opened a yoforia in athens (where the jittery joe’s in five points used to be) AND I just started eating dairy, so you know where we should go next time you’re in town!

    nice 53 mile week!!!

  4. Jessica Avatar

    I use the SkullCandy headphones because they have little rubbery things on them that help keep them in your ears (they come w/two sizes of rubbery things) and also they stand up to sweat better than any pair I’ve tried.

  5. Heather Avatar

    We don’t have a Yoforia, but there’s a local chain in Virginia Beach called The Skinny Dip – and there’s one close to the beach if you decide to do the Shamrock marathon or the Rock n’ Roll half! …or, y’know, visit me when I get back in the country 😀